What is the difference 

Between this and ancestor worship? 

I keep saying I find religious people a strange lot, especially when they are of African descent. They look down upon their traditional beliefs and then in the name of Christianity do and believe in absurdities for example that a man swallowed a fish whole and vomited the fish after 3 days 400 miles away, how ridiculous! 

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

23 thoughts on “What is the difference 

  1. shelldigger says:

    Oh but it’s true Mak. Where are your babble glasses? You have been reading it rong. (yes I know there is no W there)

    It was stories like this, while I was a church attendee long ago, so obviously bullshit, yet I’d look around the room and everyone was hanging on every word nodding in agreement. And I’d be sitting there trying to calculate how much air the poor bastard could possibly have had while ingested in a whale, nevermind the acidity of stomach fluids. Didn’t take long for me to start wondering how much crap people could be convinced to believe.

    A lot apparently. We have the survival of religion, and a Trump to show it.

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  2. Man, I’m kinda thirsty. I think I’ll have me a nice big glass of “Blessed Virgin Breast Milk”. It’s a relic AND a beverage!

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  3. NeuroNotes says:

    What’s the difference?


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  4. renudepride says:

    Only in the minds (or dreams) of the faithful could such a preposterous notion take place. I often wonder what mind-altering drug they indulged in the night before! Naked hugs, my Kenyan friend!


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