who is more inconvenienced the detained or the dead?

I will start with facts. I am no American citizen. I have a plan to go to NYC and visit one dear friend who lives there. I also want to visit many other places in the world and eventually settle somewhere with a beach front and where I will can spend my hard earned money without the fear of some taxman. I hate paying taxes. I really do.

But I digress.

I started reading a book; Pursuit of the millennium, and it promises to be interesting. But that also is not what this is about.

Many people have expressed outrage over the ban imposed by the tRump on some 7 Muslim countries that have been exporting terrorists to the US. KIA tells us he ain’t a supporter of the Donald but he approves of the ban. It is his right as a citizen of the US of A to want the government to protect him. I am also reliably informed that the countries of concern were drafted under the previous administration. In effect, we can say this is a wheel that was already on a roll and tRump has just accelerated it. I believe his government has its reasons for doing this.

Only those born yesterday would be unaware of the number of times the US government have toppled regimes elsewhere that threatened its corporations or exploitation of the locals. In banning those 7 countries while ignoring Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, countries that actually financed terrorists, Turkey that for a long time allowed ISIS to use its border as launching pad for activities in Syria stinks to high heavens. That people like Mike and others actually believe their government is protecting them while busy bombing others night and day is, to me, like the dreams of a child.

If you really want to be safe at home, you don’t burn your neighbour’s house. At the end of the day, it is the enemy within than without that you must fear. And what does this translate to? More surveillance, racial profiling and loss of freedoms in the name of national security.

Or maybe I am wrong in all this and KIA is right, in which case, mea culpa.

About makagutu

As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

64 thoughts on “who is more inconvenienced the detained or the dead?

  1. melouisef says:

    I would support the ban anytime. Maybe I do not care so much about my life as I care about those of my children period.


  2. I don’t agree with the ban. At all. Total discrimination. I don’t agree with Islam either, but tarring all Muslims with an ISIS brush? Bad. Very bad. Very, very bad.

    Incidentally I do agree with paying tax. How else does a country run? Although I would prefer the rich and companies to pay a fair share. Yes orange carrot, that includes you.

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    • makagutu says:

      How else does a country run?

      That’s a hard question and I think my feelings are driven by the waste in our government, the lack of basic services and so on. So if I paid taxes and they actually translated to better services, my opinion would be different.
      I agree, painting Muslims, even if others argue it is just from 7 countries, is very. very, bad.

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  3. Peter says:

    It seems to me that Saudi Arabia has been the real culprit all along, It was they who produced the Wahhabi strain of Islam which is the inspiration for most of the hardline terrorist groups. The Saudi royal family then entered into a faustian pact with the hardliners in order to legitimise their continued rule of the kingdom. Using the oil revenues they financed Mosques around the world that turned moderate Muslims in many countries into extremists.

    This is the sorry legacy of the dependence of oil. No oil, no money to export the extremism. But sadly now it is too late to put the genie back in the bottle.

    I find the whole matter thoroughly depressing.

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  4. The ban is mathematically unsound. When calculating risk you have to look at not just the specific risk (the countries in question), but balance that against other potential risks (internal and external). That’s what’s going to determine if the move has any real value (considering there’s no such thing as zero risk.)
    There’s no higher likelihood of attackers from Libya, than say from Morocco- or if we go on historical data, than from American citizens. The Orlando attack was done by a New Yorker. The Paris attacks were mostly by French citizens. The Nice attack was by a non-religious legal French resident who had been born in Tunisia.

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    • makagutu says:

      Pink, I think you are asking too much of these fellows. TRump is protecting their country and that’s it.
      I see no difference between them and those who believe ken the Ham is right

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  5. To enact a ban on these 7 countries and NOT on Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. is in no way an act of “protecting” anything except tRump’s financial interests with said “non-banned” countries whilst placating the blood-thirsty idiocy of Americans and other right-wing shit-bags who believe this orange, Putin-loving child gives a single fuck about anything but himself. NOTHING and no one has been made “safer” by this action. Not a single terrorist has come from any of the banned countries on this list. tRump can give a shit about America. He’s a traitor, a baby, an idiot, and he’s just magnified the hatred the world feels for America by thousands. The blind fools who say, “Oh, I don’t support or like the Orange, Russian Puppet, but by gosh, ain’t he doin’ a GRAND job?”, are the exact reason why he won; we he is able to behave as he does, and why he will turn my country, if not most of the world, into a war-torn battle field in almost no time at all. His support amongst Christian right-wing nut jobs explains the mentality of those who support his actions quite well: “Strong arm your way through the world and bend it to its knees in front of Jesus, the American flag, and the Great Russian Puppet, ‘Lil Donny tRump.” tRump is a traitor to his country, to humanity, and to anyone who has even the most worn out brain cell functioning in his or her head. No matter how shitty one may think America was before this asshole gained power, this is far worse.

    Oh, the good news is, just like Hitler, tRump’s main destruction will be felt here at home the most as he destroys medicare, medicaid, Social Security, and a multitude of other civilized, decent, useful programs that I, and millions of others, have paid into all our lives. You’ll be glad to hear, however, that America’s welfare system for its richest citizens continues, and will continue, unabated as tRump and his Russian-loving assholes ensure the survival of “real” aka rich Americans whilst destroying everyone else. Fuck this asshole, and fuck those who support him. Lock this bastard up and send his supporters to Russia, the traitors fucks. 🙂 $Amen$

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  6. Arkenaten says:

    I wonder if this ban will in any way alleviate the real fear of US citizens being victims of firearm death?

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  7. Can we get something out of the way? KIA is as dumb as a box of rocks. He converted from religion to atheism which made everyone think a light was on in there- but we were wrong. It’s time to just admit we were wrong and move on. There are “atheists” who don’t understand scepticism.

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  8. renudepride says:

    A very provocative post, my Kenyan brother. I agree with your view, but I think that this particular idiot in question is very unconstitutional in his banning of immigration from certain Islamic countries. To deny them the freedom to come to these shores based on their perceived religious faith flies in the face (and another anatomical feature) of the USA constitution. This stupid reality TV personality should return to the idiot show he hosted and leave the reins of government to the narrow minded imbeciles that we elect. Naked hugs!

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