Religion will keep us in the dark

As long as school boards who believe in gods and other supernatural entities have power to expel their students.

The school’s website and email. Let’s keep them busy, for the boy’s sake.

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21 thoughts on “Religion will keep us in the dark

  1. foolsmusings says:

    Wow!! These school cultist administrators need de-programming.

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  2. evanyambu says:

    So sad that his artistics works have been declared demonic 😢People never really get art neither appreciate it. Am sure his dreams have been vandalized over some bullshit religious myth


  3. shelldigger says:

    I have written myself:

    You would expell a child for drawings of a scorpion? I suppose whomever is responsible for such ridiculously outlandish behavior shall also be inspecting all of the other children for signs of cavorting with the devil?

    Who then, what kind of sick person is in charge of rooting out the devil in these children? How exactly does one go about making the determination one is devilishly inspired? What exactly are the guidelines for making such a determination?

    Once the witch hunts begin where do they stop?

    Absolutely disgusting. Absolutely inexcusable. Absolutely, religion poisions all it touches.


    • makagutu says:

      I wrote to the school:

      I have learnt through a twitter post that one of your students has been expelled by the school disciplinary committee based on the following grounds
      1. that he has drawings which are suggestive that he is owing allegiance to some faith
      2. he drew a symbol of a scorpion on another boy’s shirt. This, you claim, is a sign of recruiting other students
      3. he has several newspaper cuttings of ladies with tattoos on their bodies
      4. he has drawings on his shirt
      You then advice that the boy be taken for further counselling.

      I would like to bring to your attention the following:-
      1. In case you are unaware, the Constitution of the Republic of Kenya 2010, in the bill of rights, states among others that
      32. Freedom of conscience, religion, belief and opinion
      (1) Every person has the right to freedom of conscience, religion, thought, belief and opinion.
      (2) Every person has the right, either individually or in community with others, in public or in private, to manifest any religion or belief through worship, practice, teaching or observance, including observance of a day of worship.
      (3) A person may not be denied access to any institution, employment or facility, or the enjoyment of any right, because of the person’s belief or religion.
      (4) A person shall not be compelled to act, or engage in any act, that is contrary to the person’s belief or religion.

      The school cannot, on the grounds of his belonging to a different faith expel him. By doing that, you have broken the law.

      2. By claiming his drawing is a sign of recruitment, that board has committed a fallacy. There is no causal relationship between his drawing of a scorpion and recruitment unless the school can show evidence to link the two. The only acceptable evidence is proof from the organization the school alleges the student belongs to, supporting scorpion sketches as their recruitment method.

      3. There is no law against having newspaper cuttings, be they of women or men.

      4. There is no law against making ones’ clothes dirty.

      It is my view that the school has no grounds in law to suspend or punish the named student.

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    • makagutu says:

      Maybe the school will reintroduce witch burning and so on.
      It is abhorrent to say the least

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  4. Tish Farrell says:

    That was a very, very good letter. Well done you for standing up for reason and justice. This kind of witch hunting is iniquitous.

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    • makagutu says:

      Where are they going to stop? How do they know what signs or drawings are demonic? Does the school administration have dealings with such groups to put them in a position to know what is/ not demonic? Curious people want to know

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      • Tish Farrell says:

        Indeed. Where do such people draw the lines. Clearly, anyway, anything can be taken as demonic. I suppose another way of looking at it is who would want to send their kids to such a school, clearly run by people who need some serious debriefing – to put it politely.

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  5. I wish the boy really were demonic and have the power to summon real monsters to torture and torment the leaders in this school. That’d make me smile.

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  6. john zande says:


    I’m writing from Brazil as I have just heard that you have expelled a boy, Ian Njenga, for drawing what you think are demonic pictures. Is this true? Are you out of your minds? I’ve seen the drawings, and there is nothing there but the work of a creative boy… and am I to believe you actually believe in demons and the devil? What sort of insane madness is this? You’re supposed to be in “education,” not spouting spiritual nonsense.

    Let the boy re-join his classes.

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