on free will

Mary whose blog does not have a comments section tells us

Yes, God is loving and omnipotent, but it doesn’t mean that He will wipe out evil. God wants us to make a free decision of will. Man is the crowning glory of God’s creations. Man is the only creation given a free will. All other creations, living and non-living, are here to serve. They provide man with a means to live so that man can focus on the real purpose of his earthly life, that is, to return to God of his own volition. Just as the Tree of Knowledge existed to test the will of Adam and Eve, evil exists to test the will of their descendants.

I don’t know about you, but where I come from where people are both not all loving and omnipotent, they do their best to reduce suffering. Try imagine going for an operation with anesthesia!

Mark Brady is the True Christian™ kind of fellow. He knows you are going to hell if you don’t have Jesus H in your life and it is for eternity plus 1!

And finally, Shepherds [sheep comes to mind] Chapel tell us god allows people to hurt each other because, you guessed right, freewill.


Evil and omnipotence


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14 thoughts on “on free will

  1. KIA says:

    “In my opinion, there is always evil because evil serves a purpose. Evil is the opposite of good. Evil is here so that we can recognize and appreciate what is good. Evil is here so that we can have the opportunity to choose good. Evil is here so that we can develop spiritually, to become what we were meant to be.”
    To her I guess evil is even more necessary than good because good would not be possible without evil. Thus, evil is redeemed and becomes ‘more good’ than good.
    What utter garbage. That must be the reason she doesn’t do the comments thing


  2. I had a 50 cent will, not free, but close, and I lost it while walking my dog the other day. If you see it, don’t approach it. It bites. Just let me know, and I’ll come get it.


  3. renudepride says:

    So is that why we have murder? To destroy those who commit evil free will? Naked hugs!


  4. shelldigger says:

    My illusion of free will allowed me to understand these people are full of shit.

    It is a disgusting parasite of humanity, religion.


  5. rautakyy says:

    The free will argument is blatant nonsense. Is there supposed to be free will in them heavens in the alledged afterlife? If not, then the eternal life of humans is reduced to the level of animals, or servant robots. Is it not? If however, there is free will among the saved, then all the same evil, that humans are prone to do also continues in them heavens. Does it not? I mean the selection process as to whom ever happens to believe in Jesus and declare it to him, within his heart, is to continue in the heaven, so it might just as well be, that you run into Mr. Hitler in heaven (if he ever repented his sins according to his cultural indoctrination), and he has no particular reason there to not continue on his evil path. Or is he and the likes of him specifically exempt from redemption? But a lot of average Chinese, Indian and Indonesian mothers are sent to hell, or possibly simply exempted from the heaven, because they either never even heard about Jesus, or as a result of their own cultural heritage did not think Jesus was a very plausible story. Not to mention all the people who disbelieved in him, because in all honesty we could not believe ancient stories at face value, without any shread of evidence. Other than these lousy excuses, like the free will argument, or simply ridiculous stuff like miracle anecdotes.

    If other life forms are here simply to serve mankind, what is the service that polio provides us with? If it is to make people who are not sick with it more empathetic, then are the little children it mostly tortures simply tools for this god character to direct our alledgedly free will into a particular direction? Talk about forcing the issue! Of course torture has been a perfectly valid means to achieve a goal for most of the history of Christendom, so perhaps they see it as such even today. Oh, right – Guantanamo.

    The free will argument is a sad attempt to cop out, from the question of what is the nature and alignment of the god character in these stories, or when compared to the natural observable reality we live in, this entity has supposedly created after carefull planning. Because he seems either utterly evil, impotent, or a total nincompoop. None of wich are the characterstics asserted to be his attributes. That is, in case we ever had any actual reason to take the stories about this particular god concept for real, in the first place.


    • makagutu says:

      Your response has just made my day.

      About the heavens. If there is freewill in heaven and there is no evil, the believer cannot argue consistently that it was impossible to create a world without evil. At the same time, if they argue god has freewill and cannot do evil, why was it impossible for god to create humans like itself.

      Well, the believer who believes in Noah’s ark must simultaneously believe god had a plan to spread tse tse fly, malaria, dengue fever and so on.


  6. Ron says:

    Remind me why is this “free will” thingy so important, again. Does anyone lay awake at night bemoaning the fact that tools and appliances don’t have free will? Or do we just expect them to function as advertised at all times? (rhetorical questions.)


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