on free will

Why the freewill problem isn’t one


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21 thoughts on “on free will

  1. keithnoback says:

    Meh. Confuses theoretical reduction and explanatory reduction. He’s right about how it works out in the end, but not about the privileged status of agency.
    That’s the boring way of doing things – or at least the question-begging way.


  2. Noel my friend, I gave the guy a couple of attempts, after which I gave up. After this, I’ll never accept being accused of “nobody understands what you’re saying…” because I’m sure I myself did understand what I was saying, but this chap, besides seemingly in love with hearing himself, I’m not sure he remembered in the end what he was all about…
    Yeah, agency, ism, ism and ism squared again equals ismishes…
    Now I know why philosophy’s become the castaway of sciences…

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  3. And the hamsters in the wheel just spin, spin, and spin while the wheels on the bus go round and round. Watch ’em long enough, and ya’ get dizzy. My goodness but that was tedious. Welp, gotta go, my “agency” is calling. They think they might have found me a good deal on the freewill I’ve been searching for for decades. I’ll let ya’ know what they say. I’m “determined” to find me some decent freewill before I die, but so far, I’ve found no will cheaper than 59 cents.

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  4. john zande says:

    He seems to dismiss your position with a far-too flippant handwave.


  5. I tried reading the original post, but it was filled with too much jargon for me to care about going through it. Personally, I prefer the Roman outlook on philosophy, as provided by Mel Brooks:

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  6. Argus says:

    I went there, had a quick peep and came away shaking my head. Too many words, words, words … when ‘Free will’ in itself is a contradiction in terms of God.

    Ol’ God knows everything. He knows in advance what you are going to freely choose of your own Free Will … oh, bugger, I think I’ll go watch some paint drying somewhere (more productive).

    all that WE have, good Christians, is the illusion of Free Will … No?


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