14 thoughts on “This story 

  1. shelldigger says:


    It also broke my goddamned pissed-off-meter. There’s enough assholes in Texas to congeal into an enormous exploding bullshit singularity.

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  2. atheistsmeow says:

    ……And they wonder why women sometimes resort to the back alley, coat hanger route!


  3. john zande says:

    I would say even criminal.

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  4. renudepride says:

    The modern world has no idea of the many lives affected by rubella, whether in the womb or as a young child. The effects can be long-term, as in the case of Lesli, or fatal. And medicine and science still are unable to cope with all the aftermath. Thank you, my Kenyan brother, for bringing this to everyone’s attention. Much love and many naked hugs!

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  5. Nan says:

    Oh, but doncha’ know? Even if her mother had known about the rubella … God wanted this baby to live!

    No siree! An abortion would have been unthinkable! God’s precious zygotes/fetuses should always have a chance to enjoy life to the fullest! Just like Lesli.


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