14 thoughts on “Invisibility of atheism in Africa

  1. Veracious Poet says:

    Mak, I have read the post. The writer was basically beating a dead horse. Whatever he said can be summarized in Gandhi’s own words many years ago: “God comes to the hungry in the form of bread.” The greater the misery, the stronger the belief. In Ghana, the most hardened criminals are either in politics or in the church and they are invincible to the law because the lazy masses, like livestock, depend on them for feed. African logic is puzzle.


  2. Mordanicus says:

    So atheists shoud set up an organization to help poor Africans in the name of atheism in order to make the continent a stronghold of atheism?


    • makagutu says:

      That would make them dependent. We want them independent. Educate them. The systems that make them poor and keep them in poverty should be changed. These include among others trade imbalances, thieving politicians, plunderers from Europe, Asia and America

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    • Veracious Poet says:

      Mordanicus, the average religious person in a developing world is not philosophical or he hates philosophy even. He tells you his god will supply all his needs abundantly but when he becomes needy he practically does not mount a staircase to reach his god in the skies, no, he instead seeks the fulfillment of his needs from fellow earthbound humans. Whoever provides that need just in time is second in command to god. Whoever declines is, as an instruction from god, visited with contempt and sometimes lashed at. This is why religions often disintegrate into sects.

      All religions are survival strategies. Who knows, atheism could be the next most influential ‘religion.’

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