it is a moral offence to bring children into the world with no prospect of being able to provide for them.


In the Map of Life, Lecky has an interesting chapter on marriage. He talks of finances, past times and states of minds among many other things.

And the author of this is broaching the subject of graded marriage contracts.

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10 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. Good point on providing. Seems a lot that’s going on in the world is long on “desire” and short on “responsibility.” Hope you’re well and enjoying. 🙂

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  2. >>> “it is a moral offence to bring children into the world with no prospect of being able to provide for them.”

    Indeed, and “to provide” should include a healthy environment as well as the financial wherewithal. It is interesting to note though, from a sociological viewpoint, how such compassionate forethought takes a back seat to reproductive urges. I remember a college professor’s mantra, advocating a general remedy for all societal ills, was most convincing: “Education, education, education!”

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    • makagutu says:

      You are right Bob. Lecky even talks about the health of the parents. Asks why sickly people are having kids especially those with hereditary diseases.

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      • Violet says:

        “Why do sickly people have kids?”

        Why do healthy people have kids? It’s a highly sensitive and personal topic.

        Here are some of the issues: half of all pregnancies in the US are unplanned. Many disabled people can barely afford food let alone the most reliable forms of birth control (and sterilization costs thousands). If you are sick with a heredity illness and have an unplanned pregnancy, do you abort your child on the “percent of chance” they’ll get your illness, or do you go forward and hope your child will be born healthy?

        Ultrasounds and amniocentesis do not reveal all genetic illnesses, and sometimes you can get a false positive from these tests. Not to mention they cost a fortune, and testing also carries the risk of causing a miscarriage (what if you miscarry and the child was healthy?). Some diseases are in your body but aren’t delectable until you’re older and your child-bearing years are done, when you’ve already passed your mutant-genes onto your kids.

        Some religions forbid birth control in america (catholics) and are in a never-ending battle to make sure no one has legal access to birth control (Hobby Lobby).

        If you come from a religious community where you believe you’ll burn in hell if you have an abortion (even if your baby has a genetic issue), would you seek one out? While abortion here is legal, many states don’t have a clinic that will give you one…what if you don’t have the ability or transportation to drive across 5 states to a place that does offer abortion?

        While society says the disabled and sickly have no value, disabled people themselves might take a different view…as might the people who love them.

        Should there be laws against disabled people marrying, having sex, or reproducing? At what point does this infringe on the rights of disabled person to control their own lives?

        These are huge questions most people are unqualified and unprepared to answer. It’s a seriously complicated issue.

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        • makagutu says:

          V, you have treated the issue very comprehensively. And you ask some tough questions.
          In response, I think, this words of Shakespeare are appropriate, that there is no finality in the affairs of men(?)

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    • basenjibrian says:

      In the United States, though, it seems like most education is aimed at either creating pliant wage serfs, or at training our future Owners in the finer points of sociopathic behavior, scamming, and fraud.

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  3. renudepride says:

    To me, it is a far greater outrage to force people to have children who are unable to provide for their upbringing.

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