What effect does abolishing capital punishment have 

On conviction? 

This summary attempts to answer the question. I don’t know if it applies elsewhere or is confiner to the UK only. 

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12 thoughts on “What effect does abolishing capital punishment have 

  1. Naw. Kill ’em all. Conviction? Naw. Commit a crime and die by crucifixion. That’s how the Romans did it, and, by Caesar, that’s how I think it should done now. To hell with juries and their conviction rates. Commit a crime the authorities don’t like, and get crucified. Did you know that in Rome, during the reign of Caesar Augustus, the crime rate was 0%? Did you? Well, it was. Why? Well, because people knew if they committed a crime they’d be crucified. Man, if that ain’t a deterrent then I’ve no idea what is. So, I say, kill ’em all, all those who commit or are accused of committing a crime. Yeah, there might be some collateral damage and a few innocent buggers will be crucified, but, as long as you ain’t one of ’em, who cares. Kill ’em all. That’s my take on it. Screw conviction stats. Killing equals safety. Period. Have a nice day,

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  2. Capital punishment would never get my vote. Ever.

    It is the hallmark of an uncivilised, unthinking society. Which, though, it seems we all increasingly live in.

    Interesting views in the article though about it influencing views.

    As far as I recall, it remained until late C20 for arson in the dockyard, treason, espionage, piracy, and some military offences.

    People just get jailed for life. Or not. Depending on what they did.


  3. I highly doubt it would have an effect in the States. The capital punishment process is separated from the trial itself, so juries are forced to focus on guilt without considering any sentence. Many rules exist in U.S. courts which deliberately draw attention away from the death penalty until after guilt is found.


  4. renudepride says:

    I’m opposed to capital punishment in any case. It is too easy to wrongly convict and much too late to grant a pardon or reprieve. Naked hugs, my Kenyan brother!

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  5. Barry says:

    I hope that the removal of the death penalty doesn’t result In a ride of unsafe convictions.

    In the last twenty or so years, I can recall at least five murder convictions in Aotearoa New Zealand that have been overturned. This alone is a good argument why capital punishment is morally wrong. While compensation for wrongful imprisonment can never fully rectify the injustice, it’s still far better than than anything possible after execution.

    Capital punishment for murder was legislated out in 1961, and in 1989 capital punishment was removed for all crimes including treason. The murder rate has been declining since the 1970s. Most murders here are what could be called “crimes of passion” and not from deliberate criminal activity. In such cases don’t think of possible consequences and capital punishment is unlikely to be a deterrent.


  6. Liberty of Thinking says:

    I’m with the Inglorious Basterds on this one… ☠


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