27 thoughts on “to believe

  1. atheistsmeow says:

    I tried to believe as a kid, but just could not.


  2. Arkenaten says:

    It really is beyond my ability to understand how anyone can genuinely believe in a god … any god, and especially the Christian version of Yeshua ben Joseph.
    It can surely only be accounted for by severe and continual indoctrination, and this seems to be the case when you listen to former fundamentalist deconverts.
    Even they are often embarrassed and sometimes even ashamed of what they … in many cases… allowed themselves to believe.

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    • makagutu says:

      One can believe in some kind of god that allows you to find lost socks or as one fellow said, a god that can dance bit the YHWH with all the blood, that takes some amount of indoctrination and self loathing

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  3. Belief in gods is silly. Gods didn’t create anything, aliens from the Andromeda Galaxy did. This is completely evident to all who believe it. Thanks, and may you never awake aboard a flying saucer strapped to a gurney with your genitals being probed by little blue imps. $Amen$

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  4. renudepride says:

    Some people truly need a belief in a Divine Being. I suppose the initial concept of a Deity as all-good, all-loving and all-forgiving is acceptable. However, the Deity of the Christians is so very vengeful, judgmental and rigid that it’s no wonder why his followers are that way. As for me, the world is harsh enough as it is, keep the believers out of my life and as far away from me as possible. I hope you are well, my Kenyan brother. Much love and many naked hugs!

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  5. shelldigger says:

    That quote is sorta where I am with the whole thing 🙂

    To be able to so completely believe in gods despite all good evidence to the contrary, and then somehow conflate all of the hate, vengeance, murder, and evil incorporated in their magic books, somehow, into a claim of everlasting love, is beyond the loss of all dignity and entering the realm of something else entirely. The word madness comes to mind.

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  6. Daniela says:


    I followed your footsteps from the Lantern all the way to the vastness of beautiful Kenya and I can see all is indeed well in your world! As you probably know by now – while I am not the one to partake in religion versus atheism discussions, I would nevertheless suggest work of Yuval Noah Harari, especially ‘Homo Deus’ as, in my humble view, the best work on human condition including phenomenon of religion.

    Best Wishes!

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  7. Liberty of Thinking - Moshe Ben Yehuda says:

    There can’t be anything “beneath human dignity”, since ‘dignity’ immediately loses its meaning once associated with ‘humanity’…
    Dignity has lost all meaning for me, the day I realised/understood that I’m the slave of my digestive system…
    How the fragrant wonder of a fresh raspberry vanishes the moment you remember where the previous ones ended-up…
    Remember Soilent Green, that’s the ‘dignity’ we’re looking at…


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