On bibliolaters

….unfortunately those who profess to value this book the most derive the least benefit from it. They mistake the meaning and purpose of its writers. They accept as facts its most palpable fictions. Its most laughable stories are read with the most solemn visages. This serious method of treating the ridiculous has produced an army of morose dyspeptics who mistake indigestion for religion and intolerance for virtue.

The bible by J Remsburg 

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27 thoughts on “On bibliolaters

  1. Scottie says:

    I agree. Often I listen to people try to defend the bible that have little knowledge of what is in it. On call in shows you can hear their voice change when they are directed to parts they had no idea of and they realize the preachers lied to them. Hugs

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  2. Or the people who own the book, but it lives unopened on the book shelf.

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  3. Here’s a fun definition for ya’: A Bibliobooty: “Someone on whose buttocks is written the entire meaning of life; yet it cannot be read for they are wearing pants.”

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  4. ….Or sitting on it! Hahaha.

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  5. renudepride says:

    This is one fantastic quotation, my Kenyan brother, blogging buddy and most unholy Sanctified Exalted One! I am certain of one thing, there are many believers out there who are now rolling over in their graves! Naked hugs!

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  6. Barry says:

    As one for whom the word “God” has meaning, I do value the Bible simply because it provides an insight into how (a) one tribe developed their concept of God, and (b) the development of ideas during the early days of a new religion.

    It teaches us nothing about God, but a lot about how humankind developed a mythology around the concept of God.

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  7. shelldigger says:

    Very well said. Great quote.


  8. Proof positive that ignorance is an exalted virtue for far too many.

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