18 thoughts on “maybe, just maybe the rainbow should be patented

  1. Minding one’s own damn business would go a long way towards peaceful living.

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  2. And air should only be available for sale through big business. Let’s start protesting that “someone inferior” (to be defined) is stealing my/our air. I’ll hire the attorney. What the hell does one say to this nonsense!


    • makagutu says:

      Hi Paulette.
      I would ask them to read the post aloud to their friends. If their friends find nothing wrong with it, then they are to be left on their own.


  3. shelldigger says:

    Oh my gosh. People who think like that are fucking insane. Well beyond brain washed, duped, gullible, and indoctrinated. INSANE!

    I’ll be back in a bit, I feel the sudden need to go take a shower. That article was infused with so much crazy ass stupid I’m afraid some of it might have got on me.

    …at least some of the comnments were respectable.

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  4. john zande says:

    But rainbows are unicorn farts


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