Two developments

The first is that this blog is 5 years old.

It started out as brief and humorous reflection on the bible. I got bored at leviticus though I hope to someday continue with that line.

I have written on array of topics. Freewill, god, Jesus, refugees, posted photos of my travels or bike rides, movies and songs I like, written about my late mother and many more. 

I have benefited from comments and insights from a diverse group of people whom I cannot name all at this point but will name a few whose presence has been enduring.

But before I name the living, 2 fellows whose memories still live on; myatheistlife a brilliant fellow and Arch, the bird. I knew him before I started this blog and I am glad I knew him.

Pink who thinks I am sending this using drums, jz my friend who got lost in Brazil and decided to stay on, Ark the stone god from down south, shelldigger friend who we have had many a discussion, tildeb who we have had heated discussions on matters war, sb, Nan, Ruth,  RS,  Violet, Charity, Carmen,  my nude friend who inspires my nudist dreams, Brian, Bob V, Jeff the resident satirist, Victoria our walking reserviour of information, Tish, Paulette who has asked very challenging questions,  Peter, Esme, Swarn, and many more I am unable to name who we have interacted with here and elsewhere. I sincerely thank you. You severally and individually have built this blog to what it is.

There have also been new followers whose presence is as valued as those named above.  Again thank you. 

Luckily there have been few assholes. 

The second development is we have a plebiscite in 15 days. My posting here maybe intermittent as I am busy tweeting 🙂 but I will continue to visit your blogs and say my 2cts or if I can’t afford 1ct. 

That marks the end of this broadcast. May golden boot kick you and keep you alert.