There will be no elections

On 17th October as announced by the electoral body unless reforms are done.

The Supreme Court in its ruling of 1st September, ruled the electoral body committed irregularities and illegalities, failed to conduct the election according to the constitution.

The chairman wrote a memo  to the secretariat’s CEO demanding an explanation of so many irregularities that occurred during the 8/8 polls. We have not seen the response to the memo and I doubt one will be forthcoming.

Anyone with half a brain, who having read the memo and taken into consideration that whenever someone breaks the law, they are liable for punishment, knows too well that IEBC as currently constituted is a sinking ship. That whoever wants it in place is either very stupid or very stupid.

The thief in chief and land grabber in chief are opposed to the reforms to make the electoral body transparent. We cannot continue to have opaque processes. We cannot and should not behave like elections happens to us. The constitution is very clear; those in office are there on delegated responsibility. They have to get there in a free and fair process that reflects the will of the people, that gives it legitimacy and that allows the losers to be contented the process was above board. Anything short of this, is tyranny, rule by fiat. And we cannot and should not allow this to happen.

I have a disdain for the current occupant of state house. He was born in privilege. Brought up in pilferage of public resources and authoritarianism. He is a stranger to rule of law nor to hard work. The two of them have the special position of being sitting heads of state to be criminals at the ICC. And while their cases were dropped, they were not found innocent. The court ruled witnesses had disappeared under mysterious circumstances or had been intimidated. Let no one lie to you they were innocent of those crimes. They have used state power to either continue thievery or advance their criminal enterprise. In this process they have become a darling of the US, European Union who claim on one hand to support the rule of law while on the other support criminal governments in Africa and beyond.

Morpho and Safran, French companies involved in our election have been fined by the France government for bribery in Nigeria. In California for selling fake equipment, but in Kenya the French government is quiet. These buggers now claim to have audited their systems and will now sue the Nasa coalition for libel while IEBC is in contempt of the Supreme Court for failing to provide access to the court appointed ICT professional. It has been said by those wiser than me that you can fool all the people some time, you can fool some people all the time, but you can’t fool all the people all the time. We have had enough of electoral fraud since the country got her independence in 1963. Not anymore.

This rant ends here, to be continued…..

About makagutu

As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

7 thoughts on “There will be no elections

  1. >>> “… the current occupant of state house. He was born in privilege. Brought up in pilferage of public resources and authoritarianism. He is a stranger to rule of law…”

    Bingo! Tyranny and rule by fiat, indeed.


  2. renudepride says:

    This is exactly how omnipotent dynasties are created, the “haves” beget the next generation of “haves”, who, in turn beget another generation of “haves.” This continues until a generation breaks the cycle by becoming one that “wants more.” The end result is empire. Nice assessment, my friend. It applies to almost everywhere!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. nannus says:

    I hope you can see this in Kenya:, from one of Africas great political satirists, dead long since but still relevant.
    I hope you can more or less understand the Nigerian Pidgin. Its “Corner corner, pass-ee pass-ee” (coruption).


  4. Winnie Andango says:

    Well said.
    But we are not likely to see this reforms any time soon so what’s the way forward in a country so divided?


    • makagutu says:

      We will see the reforms before 1st November.
      IEBC will have no choice after today’s ruling.
      Uhuru and his minions cannot do anything to stop the reforms without appearing to be opposed to a transparent system. They have always said they have the numbers, let those numbers count in a transparent process


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