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Happy holidays

Should infidels send their children to Sunday school?

Many times, it has been suggested to me that I should let my children go to church and learn about god. They add they will have a choice to believe or quit as I did. My corollary has been why not let them grow without superstition and if they should become religious as adults, it’s because they were not as intelligent as their parents? Whoever goes looking for a toothache just so they can in future say it is not a good thing to have?

The great agnostic, Robert Ingersoll, said this on the subject

My advice to all Agnostics is to keep their children from the orthodox Sunday schools, from the orthodox churches, from the poison of the pulpits.

Teach your children the facts you know. If you do not know, say so. Be as honest as you are ignorant. Do all you can to develop their minds, to the end that they may live useful and happy lives.

Strangle the serpent of superstition that crawls and hisses about the cradle. Keep your children from the augurs, the soothsayers, the medicine-men, the priests of the supernatural. Tell them that all religions have been made by folks and that all the “sacred books” were written by ignorant men.

Teach them that the world is natural. Teach them to be absolutely honest. Do not send them where they will contract diseases of the mind — the leprosy of the soul. Let us do all we can to make them intelligent.

and I agree with him.