Random question

Generally no one takes offence when they are called tall. A few short people, and here I am not talking about Inspired1, but those with short tempers( you see what I did there), seem to take offence at being reminded of their vertical challenges.

Why do some people find it offensive to say someone is horizontally endowed? Or is facing horizontal challenges? That is, polite speak for fat.

But while we are here, what’s the threshold for fat? Do we use the medical descriptors of obese and overweight?

How would an atheist feel if scientists theoretically proved the existence of some higher conscience like God?

Scientists are not obsessed with proving stuff. Prove is not the purview of science but were that to say happen. I see no reason why it should be a problem for atheists.

What would be the nature of this higher intelligence?

Will it demand to be worshiped? Will it give reasons for making this demand?

How would the theist tell this particular existence is their god?

What if this existence is malevolent, will the theists still want to be associated with it?

What if this higher intelligence is just part of the universe?

What is my point here? That finding some existence slightly higher conscience [whatever that is] than humans does not advance the theists argument an iota.