asking for a favour

Actually two.

But some background first.

You may or may not know the distinction between global south and north. It has nothing to do with the cardinal points of the compass not has it to do with the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. In development circles, and I am not going to be asked to define development, the north refers to the developed and industrialized nations of North America and western Europe while the south refers to the rest.

Cities in the south face many management challenges. These include social problems like poverty and infrastructure problems like traffic, poor water quality and quantity, solid waste management to name just a few.

Many of you know I have been in school. I have come to that point in my semester where I am to come up with a research topic. Here is where you come in. I have several topics, which I will briefly mention. I would like to hear your thoughts on each and the one that I finally agree on, I will dedicate it to those who felt it was a good topic and send you, as pdf, the final document.

Before I list the topics, you can, if you are feeling philanthropic go out of your way to sponsor the research. You know this is good for humanity 🙂

  • social housing as a poverty alleviation strategy- looking at incomes and household expenditure in housing, among the urban poor and whether social housing would help in lifting them out of poverty
  • solid waste management as a sustainable source of energy
  • infrastructure as a means of poverty alleviation: – water provision
  • water quality study- the case for Nairobi- here, the study will look at water as an urban management issue, what can be done to the water quality, is it polluted in the same way

Your comments should include what you think are the possible research questions under each heading and finally, you can suggest a topic of your own for my consideration.

Don’t fear to comment because you don’t have a post graduate degree or didn’t go to school at all. All contributions are welcome.

Fire away

An example of bad argument

The argument below is a logical argument but it’s also invalid.

Logical, because the conclusion, in my view follow from the premises but invalid because the premises are all wrong and thus the conclusion cannot hold.

Consider the following three premises of the Christian religion, and a conclusion that follows from them:

God exists.
God is divine.
Man is made in the image of God.
Therefore: human divinity exists in all humans conferring special rights and corresponding responsibilities to all human beings simply because they are divine and therefore sacred.