Mak in the fish market

Perfume: The story of a murderer is one of my all time favorites.

The being born scene is both interesting and disgusting. You almost feel the stench coming from the fish market. It is the one place in the whole of Paris that one wouldn’t want to be

So today, yours truly was at the fish market and brings you the very best of the market without the stench of course. You can all remove your fingers from your noses.

First, a video

Buying fish in Nbi has become a professional job, what with all the Chinese fish that I hear taste like boiled leather

One must confirm the fish you are getting weighs just right

In my younger days, some idiots said if you wanted to hide something from a Kenyan, put it in a book. Well, try me. Put some dollars

Office block by yours truly

I think the owners are renting

Our power company can do a better job with power distribution