Atheism is dead

So says a christian

Augustine was wrong and everyone else after him who has repeated the trope

Every human soul longs for union with its creator, whether that soul cares to acknowledge this truth or not. It is why we were created.

has been equally wrong.

If you are African, especially one who follows traditional religion, such a statement makes no sense. The African believes he lives in a religious universe and there is no search for god that man should be doing as they are always in communion with god, but who am I to stop the religious from being absurd.


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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

23 thoughts on “Atheism is dead

  1. Tish Farrell says:

    Well put, sir!

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  2. john zande says:

    Let me get this straight. He believes we were “created” only to be deliberately separated from the “Creator” so we could choose to be with said Creator?

    And this doesn’t register as odd to his mind?

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    • makagutu says:

      Let Christians be. They prosper in absurdity

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    • basenjibrian says:

      TOOAIN indeed.

      There are places
      not to be found but to be recognized,
      they sheltered a fire.
      The fire wherein the acts of God
      and the acts of men were to melt and merge
      making it a a senseless chore
      to distinguish the human from the divine.
      God resides in such places
      and it is where He conspires
      at the devastation
      of what took him so long to accomplish.
      It is where the sentence matured and was declared
      in joint responsibility.

      Yet, wasn’t this an act of compassion?
      Like the shooting in the head
      of a horse with a broken leg.
      Your cry of revolt and disbelief
      a brief caesura in the slowing
      heartbeat of the world
      as if a horrible new pain
      had been given birth in abomination –
      surges in vain the face the inexorable,
      leaving behind but a meagre comfort:
      there is no exemption for the offspring
      of this withered womb,
      not even for Chaos itself.
      Who can reap the meaning
      of this unstinted negation
      of centuries and millions
      before it sinks within the infinite depths
      of that dun ocean?

      -Deathspell Omega. DROUGHT EP, “Abrasive Swirling Muck”

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      • makagutu says:

        Brilliant poem.
        Especially where god conspires the devastation of what it struggled to bring to fruition


        • basenjibrian says:

          It is really sad that my world view has been somewhat shaped by a obscure French black metal band with (apparently) questionable politics! 🙂

          But I love their lyrics. which, being French, are based partly on a philosopher enfant terrible (Georges Bataille)

          Especially when they have moved away from silly cartoon Satanism, as in this EP.

          at heart, though, this is just the fundamental Problem of Evil in a poetic form. The music of Deathspell is an…acquired taste, though.


          • basenjibrian says:

            Another band (Greek this time) proposed another philosophical conception of “Satan” as the force of entropy/time.

            “Satan is Time”
            Hail Spirit Noir

            We float in space and follow the pace
            Of a clock designed by His Will
            Satan shall reap what God has sown
            Blackness comes, colors go
            You run, you hide but Satan can find the cowards
            That live by His side
            The needle rotates, a lie it creates
            But then it stands still and kills
            If heaven is here, it will stay here
            Hell is a place full of clocks
            Satan is time
            Ο διάβολος είναι ο χρόνος
            Ο χρόνος είναι ο διάβολος
            Irreversible time is smooth to the touch
            A reaper disguised as charm
            The pace Satan dictates, the much he creates
            A cycle of death and death
            You run, you hide but Satan can find
            The cowards that live by His side, eat from His hand…
            We float in space and follow the pace
            Of a clock designed by His Will
            Satan shall reap what God has sown
            Hell is a place full of clocks


          • makagutu says:

            You have raised something that I have seen people try to address.
            What do when your favourite artist or author has been found culpable either as a pedo – R. Kelly, or a racist or any other thing we are currently outraged about?


  3. I distrust and often dislike most religious B.S., but christians sure as f**k take the cake when it comes to utter lunacy like this.

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  4. renudepride says:

    The believers would be absurd irregardless, O Exalted One. I think it is planted inside their DNA. Naked hugs!

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  5. nannus says:

    A funny thing about the “atheism is dead” thing is that atheism can always reemerge again, while an extinct religion cannot. For example, in Augustin’s day, Manichaeism was a polular religion (and Augustin was one for some time). That religion is extinct. A religion is a self-reproducing system of information. That information can be lost. But atheism is just the absence of such information as part of the active information in somebodies mind. That can reemerge again and again as long as there are people.


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