11 thoughts on “Odious post at the aeon

  1. It’s sad, but I agree with you entirely. Money shouldn’t speak over principles and quality writing. I’m sure a lot of Aeon readers are unhappy about this. And once they done it, will they do it again?

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  2. renudepride says:

    Unfortunately, religion generally supports the continuity of the status quo. This enables the religion to justify its elevated place within the society and its clergy their comforts and positions. Have a terrific weekend, my Kenyan brother! Naked hugs!


  3. Swarn Gill says:

    This is so biased towards Catholicism it’s hard to stomach. I don’t mind if the article was touting some of the values that come out of religious thought in general, and took a look at those values that are present in every religion, but to laud Catholicism as some sort of beacon of goodness is just ridiculous.

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    • makagutu says:

      It’s like they are telling us every one should be catholic. Maybe they think we have forgotten their church is one of the corrupt institutions in the world hoarding so much money

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      • Swarn Gill says:

        It’s like Trump trying to sell Catholicism! I think if they really want to sell Catholicism, they should simply keep their mouths shut and do this Christly things they now think are important. After a few hundred years and a lot of apologies, maybe they can convince people that they’ve grown. But while they still deny women even the power of birth control there seems to be fat chance of that happening.


  4. From the WEIT editorial:

    >>> “In other words, Templeton gave money to the magazine for publishing, or enabling publication, of this article.”

    Need I say more?


  5. keithnoback says:

    I was instantly reminded of Jared Diamond’s essay, “The Worst Mistake in the History of the Human Race.”
    The utopian, utilitarian motto of human civilization has always been: To end suffering, some people will just have to suffer.
    Bullshit, but marketable bullshit.
    It is a motto recapped in the religious doctrines which accreted upon civilization.


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