23 thoughts on “free will and morality

  1. Barry says:

    At last! A piece on free will that I can actually make sense of 🙂


  2. tildeb says:

    And here I thought I was one of the rare breed who actually and regularly read Novella’s articles. I have found him to be a rich source of explanatory writing about sometimes difficult to describe ideas, especially involving various studies in neuroscience and what they indicate.


  3. Superb piece. I’ll be bookmarking this. Thanks.


  4. renudepride says:

    Thank you for sharing this with us! Naked hugs!


  5. bdrex says:

    Nothing but conjecture. Since we are pack animals we have built in urges, behaviors, that lead us. Intellect allows us to discard our pack urges. Is that free will? Or are we developing a new norm?


  6. bdrex says:

    I agree with you too, but ask how much of our urges are free will/determined. I was in prison with a man who was highly intelligent. He was a supporter of predestination. Of course he had a reason to grasp at predestination. We debated this ideal endlessly and he admitted that we were not predestined by a higher power.
    I like your post and thoughtful ideas, keep them coming.


  7. basenjibrian says:

    Wow, though. The comments section over there is quite toxic! At least Silence of Mind was amusing in his insults.

    We are lucky here! Kudos to Maka!


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