some questions for the annoying atheists

as asked by a god loving, bible thumping, shrimp hating and non tattooed Jesus praising theist or so we think.

The last time we did this was a long time ago so I am happy to do this again. So before you read my not so clever answers jump over to Club Schadenfreude and read her brilliant response then come back.

Now, that you are back here and without further ado, we will jump right in. The questions will be indented

1) Why should I put my trust in you and your philosophy for my future and eternal destiny? Jesus Christ has far more credibility than anyone else. His words have greater wisdom and hope than any other philosophy and what it ultimately offers

Because by listening to me, you and your sinning relatives are sure to not go to hell. But in the fortunate event there is hell, it will be full of drama and I will be there for the company. Though on credibility, Jesus has none. He didn’t even manage to exist.

2) When I am dying, what hope will you offer me?

You are dying, why did you need hope? To die slowly or what?

3) What great accomplishment(s) do you claim to have done (fulfilled prophecy, miracles, resurrection, other feats and accomplishments) so I can examine the evidence to see if your belief system has merit?

I have drunk a bottle of water in one sitting. There is even video record. Do you have video record of the resurrection? Check mate :_)

4) Why is it so important to you that I (and others) do not believe in Jesus Christ?

It is not important to me at all. Just the same way I don’t care how many believe in Hare Krishna as long as they do it privately.

5) What positive effects will atheism have on my life and eternity?

It will dissuade you from the stupid idea of eternity and train you to live fully now. And I think William Foote is right when he writes

Our salvation is here and now. It is certain and not contingent. We need not die before we realise it. Ours is a gospel, and the only gospel, for this side of the grave. The promises of theology cannot be made good till after death; ours are all redeemable in this life. Happiness is the only good, suffering the only evil and selfishness the only sin. Learn what is true in order to do what is right.

6) Why do the fossil records reveal fully-formed creatures, but no transitional forms? Where is the socalled“missing link”?

Read a book. It will help you with this.

7) How can you reasonably explain the awesome complexity of the universe and our DNA without a Creator? And how can life originate from non-life? Everywhere you look, if you just open your eyes, the marvels of creation proclaim an Intelligent Designer.

Complex from whose point of view? DNA/RNA as a building block of nature must be one of the easiest things for it to come up with. Just because you or my relative has problems with it doesn’t make it complex for nature. The last tornado I saw proclaimed not an intelligent designer but a violent and murderous worker. Which do you want to go for.

8) How could this planet be so ideally suited to support life(correct distance from the sun, right mixture of nitrogen and oxygen in its atmosphere, proper temperature, tilt of the earth, rotation speed, and so on) by mere accident or chance? An Intelligent Designer is a more plausible explanation.


9) You were quick to point out the evil done in Jesus’name by wicked people (those who obviously ignored or distorted His teaching and example)? Jesus warned about those who would use His name and pervert the truth (e.g. Matthew 7:22, 23; 24:5). So why should I reject Christianity when your comments confirm its accuracy? besides, what about the tremendous good that has been and is being done in His name by His true followers?

This only points to Christianity having a fail safe valve. Covering all bases, if you know what I mean.

10) What about the atrocities perpetrated on humanity in the name of atheistic worldviews such as Communism?

At least we can say human beings can be stupid.

11) Most people who renounce their faith in Jesus Christ (as you profess to have done) do so because they are angry at God about something, disappointed a prayer was not answered and God did not give them what they requested, or they want to live a lifestyle contrary to His Word. Which of these are true in your case? If you ever really knew Him, I doubt you would ever reject Him.

Fuck Jesus. Really.

12) What is the purpose of life if there is no Creator? Life without God is virtually meaningless and hopeless. The words of your letter clearly convey that emptiness.

To fuck. To shit. To die.

13) You want “skin on bones” proof for miracles. How about Israel? What nation or people have ever been removed from their country and lost their national identity and then returned as a nation?

Read a book.

14) What about the incredible accuracy of Bible prophecy? Have you considered the amazing fulfillment of messianic prophecies? How about end time prophecies (recorded 2,000 years ago) that seem as though they were taken from the headlines of today’s newspapers?

To be considered prophecy, the said thing must be definite, clear and have a set time of when it will occur. Do you have any such details for any prophecy.

15) What about the Bible’s amazing historical, scientific, and health insights? The Bible mentions historically verifiable facts, supported by thousands of archaeological discoveries. It also provides scientific data that has inspired countless scientists to make amazing discoveries, and its health and dietary information are endorsed by nutritionists and health practitioners worldwide.

Historical and can’t get the supposed birth date of the second star character correct? Health insights- what do you take goat herders for, idiots? They can observe things and share them- they were human beings for effs sake.

16) Many miraculous occurrences have happened in my life that defy any reasonable explanation except that of supernatural intervention. They are recorded in my Impossible records and documented by many eyewitnesses. How many do you want me to share before you admit they cannot be refuted as mere coincidence?


17) Have you read any books by former skeptics and atheists who initially set out to refute Christianity but the undeniable evidence they uncovered brought them to faith in Jesus? Volumes have been written to share the overwhelming evidence to support the biblical claims of Jesus Christ. Countless books (many by former skeptics) throughout history attest to the changed lives of those who came to know Jesus Christ in a personal and real way.

Life is short. No need to waste it reading the delusions of many people. Better watch paint dry or sleep.

18) I have met some of the most amazing scientists in the world today. Many of them are convinced of the credibility of the Genesis account of creation. They have told me it is bias, not facts, that prevent many evolutionary scientists from believing (or acknowledging their belief) in Intelligent Design. Do you deny the Genesis account because of evidence or bias? Be honest with yourself and do a fair and unbiased investigation. Maybe God seems to hide and conceal Himself from His creation so that those who really want to know Him must search for Him with all their hearts.

No need to waste time. The Genesis account doesn’t account for the Sumerians who were living before your god started his creating business.

19) Our world is filled with tragedy, injustice, pain, and suffering. And at times we wonder, “How could a loving God allow this?” It is true my little brother’s body was broken, bruised, and battered by a speeding car. But God turned that tragedy into a tremendous triumph as He used it to bring myself and all of my family to salvation and make me into the man of God I am today. After almost 40 years of serving Him, I can assure you that He is a faithful, loving, and merciful God who will one day restore this earth to a paradise, and wipe away all tears, pains, suffering, and death from those who believe in Him. What is the end result of injustice, pain, suffering, and death from your evolutionary perspective?

Without reflection, there is no pain or suffering. Ask the Savoyard Vicar.

20) I only have to have one genuine encounter with God to validate His existence. You have to cover the entire universe, not only in the physical dimension, but also the spiritual (since God is spirit) before you can honestly claim to prove His  nonexistence. When did you accomplish this feat?

There was no need to do all that. All I had to do was ask you to tell me what god is.

21) What if you are right and I am wrong? I lose nothing and you gain virtually nothing. But what If I am right and you are wrong? I gain everything and you lose everything. What we see in His magnificent creation, although marred by the Fall, is not all we will get. He promised to restore this planet and universe to a “Garden of Eden” for which we have an eternity to enjoy.

I wrote about Pascal’s Wager here and I am sure you will like it.

22) If the biblical accounts of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are true, and you have rejected such a great salvation, what option does God have for you?

Maybe god did a poor job at convincing me so it’s all up to her, no?

23) I stake my eternal destiny on only One. Before Him and Him alone do I willingly bow my knee and surrender my life. What or who is god in your life? On what do you stake your life and eternal destiny?

Shit happens.

24) When I compare what you and your philosophy have to offer, with the depth and riches of what Jesus Christ and His Word offer, there is no comparison. I choose Jesus. There is so much more to share about the truth and reality of Jesus Christ and Scripture. But hopefully this is adequate to reveal my faith is not based upon fairy tales and mere speculation, but evidence I cannot deny. My faith may go beyond reason (because our Creator is unfathomable) but never against it. I hope you will truly ponder these questions and one day come to know the One who created you. Once you come to know Jesus Christ, you will never deny Him. I will close with the words of the apostle John who was one of Jesus’ disciples. The testimony of John’s life into old age, and his death, validated his claim that he truly was an eyewitness of the resurrection ––

Does John’s account of the resurrection tie in with the other forgeries of the other eyewitnesses?

As a final comment. In a world with so many competing religious beliefs, it is the height of delusion to believe one’s chosen delusion is the true™ one.

If you have read up to this point, and believe what I have written, you are going to hell.