The bible & family life

The authors of the Uncensored Bible write and I quote

Many people try to follow the Bible’s teachings so they can have a happy home. But the truth is, there aren’t many happy homes depicted in the bible. The real inheritors of the bible example are families who have experienced divorce, deception, adultery, and incest or have a murderer or rapist in the family. The good book is simply loaded with bad kin. And it’s a virtual handbook for how not to raise children.

It must have been Bertrand Russell who said a god who drowned his children cannot tell him how to raise his. I think he was right.

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14 thoughts on “The bible & family life

  1. jim- says:

    Or had sent his pet bear maul forty children to death shouldn’t be telling me how to raise them either.

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  2. That ridiculous book has never been in our house.


  3. the prated “family values” of christains here in the US always seem to forget how vicious the bible is to famllies. even ol’ JC says abandon your family just like good culty leader.

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  4. renudepride says:

    Absolutely true! Not only did the “god of love” drown them, he also had one he later crucified. He should have stopped procreating after the drowning and let well enough alone. Naked hugs!

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  5. Bertrand Russell was a very intelligent guy. He also lived to be like 698 years old or some such thing. He’s one of these dude’s who was born looking like he was 67. I do enjoy reading his stuff.


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