Why this is happening (the rise of political populism and extremism)

We are irrational and act irrationally most of the time. The sooner we get used to this, the sooner we begin to address our political problems and other issues facing us in the 21st century

The Secular Jurist

By Robert A. Vella

I hear it everyday.  People all over the world are expressing shock and disbelief over the rise of dangerous political extremism, especially the far-right variety, in the U.S., across Europe, and now even in Brazil.  That so many people still don’t understand, or simply cannot accept, the fundamental reasons why this is happening may be the biggest problem of all – for this collective ignorance and denial provides the social cover necessary for extremist movements to flourish.

If you’re looking for overly-simplistic answers (e.g. good versus evil) which can conform to your particular worldview, then you’ll be disappointed with this post.  If you are committed to the cold, hard truth, then this post provides some resources and perspectives which might be helpful.  Although I’ve been discussing the issue of rising political populism and extremism on this blog for several years, I’ll try to keep my…

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where Germany has set a bad example for the rest of the world

The Archbishop of Kampala, borrowing a leaf from Germany’s church tax, wants the Ugandan government to deduct 10% tithe from salaried employees who are members of the church and forward it to the church.

The good bishop had this to say

“Whenever we ask for tithe, everyone gives only what they have at that time. But the Bible says a tenth of whatever you earn belongs to the church,”

This is such a busy Monday!

Happy week everyone.

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are you an atheist

and do you find these questions insulting? and how do you answer them?

1: “How can you be moral without believing in God?”

Reason is the source of morality

2: “How do you have any meaning in your life?”

I am a nihilist

3: “Doesn’t it take just as much/even more faith to be an atheist as it does to be a believer?”

Yes, faith in oneself and other humans

4: “Isn’t atheism just a religion?”

Yes, the religion of no god

5: “What’s the point of atheist groups? How can you have a community and a movement for something you don’t believe in?”

atheists groups exist for debauchery and eating babies

6: “Why do you hate God?” Or, “Aren’t you just angry at God?”

Hate is a strong word for a thing one does not believe exists

7: “But have you [read the Bible or some other holy book; heard about some supposed miracle; heard my story about my personal religious experience]?”

yes, well not the whole book. and i have experienced miracles myself. I have always found parking slot

8: “What if you’re wrong?”

Pascal’s wager again

9: “Why are you atheists so angry?”

how can so many people be so superstitious?



Because my late grandmother reads this blog, I hardly blog about sex. You see, she died before she knew I had discovered the apple and was enjoying some. But I was not going to let this one pass.

The author of the post writes

God creates humans with a sex drive before we are married so we have time to practice, learn, and grow, self-control and experience some long-suffering along the way.

And I wonder why not just inject us with sexual desire once married and limit it for when we are hitting the sack?

And for those atheists and agnostics and nones who don’t take god’s word seriously, you are doing the sex all wrong and should change from your sex ways to be righteous in the eyes of the bible.


On why politicians should have brains

I have expressed my disdain for politicians and pastors. However, the group of politicians I find most despicable are moronic ones and in this group, honorable mentions go to the political leadership of Nairobi, kiambu counties, just to name a few

Without providing alternative, reliable and efficient public transport, the idiots running Nairobi think that by raising parking fees, they will solve the congestion problem. You should note that this seems to contradict what the Muigai’s government, a not so clever one for that matter, is doing. Instead of assisting county government of Nairobi plan for public transport, they are expanding roads which we don’t need in the short and long term.

Maybe, it is really true, fools can’t be helped.

Before those like him come to harass me, I know businesses and offices are moving away from the CBD as a result of congestion, filth and better spaces available elsewhere.

I advocate for public transport including NMT. The county government has a duty to provide transport services to the residents. Raising taxes and levies without providing alternatives is plain stupid.

But maybe Nairobi and the country generally loves its leaders stupid and ignorant.

The great agnostic

On atheists and agnostics had this to say

The agnostic is an atheist. The atheist is an agnostic. The agnostic says; ‘i do not know but I do not believe there is any god. The atheist says the same. The orthodox Christian says he knows there is a god: but we know that he does not know. The atheist (too) cannot know that god does not exist.

I think this settles the matter.

Of wise men

We have missed Caroline on this blog. I even thought she stopped blogging. In this post, she argues there is so much evidence for god including….wait for it.. the resurrection of Jesus and that all you heathens should stop listening to smarts. They are not that smart.