Because my late grandmother reads this blog, I hardly blog about sex. You see, she died before she knew I had discovered the apple and was enjoying some. But I was not going to let this one pass.

The author of the post writes

God creates humans with a sex drive before we are married so we have time to practice, learn, and grow, self-control and experience some long-suffering along the way.

And I wonder why not just inject us with sexual desire once married and limit it for when we are hitting the sack?

And for those atheists and agnostics and nones who don’t take god’s word seriously, you are doing the sex all wrong and should change from your sex ways to be righteous in the eyes of the bible.


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31 thoughts on “Sex

  1. renudepride says:

    I openly acknowledge that I am a Sinner and will be one with a capital “S” until the day that I die. I enjoy sex and indulged in my pleasure before I was married in 2015. My spouse and I watch porn together at times and then enjoy sex afterwards, or perhaps during and maybe even some pre-porn viewing.

    I admit I didn’t read the entire recommended article that was linked above. After I realized that the author was obviously out of his league, I knew that I needn’t bother to read further. I’m aware of his ilk and have no patience with his views.

    All respect and best wishes to your late grandmother. I’m certain she’s very proud of you and your feast of…apples! 🙂

    Naked hugs and could you pass me an apple, please? 😉

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  2. foolsmusings says:

    All this talk of sex and religion is making me horny. :p

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  3. An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Now, if I could only find a fruit which would keep the religious fanatics away…

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  4. I find sex to be terrifying because whenever I have it, I’m alone.

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  5. Eric Alagan says:

    And there is only position you must adopt – the missionary


  6. these theists certainly like inventing just-so stories to excuse their useless god. This god always comes across as being particularly stupid, like the people who invent it.


  7. nannus says:

    There should not be any problem with you grandmother. You would not exist without her doing it, so what is the problem?


  8. harper1852 says:

    I’ve been thinking about telling women how it is for a long time. I’m glad I didn’t buy into that stuff. I like sex. It’s normal and healthy.

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  9. heatherjo86 says:

    We all have a decision to make. The Bible is clear that having sex before marriage is frowned upon by God (1 Corinthians 6:9,10) but we all have free will. I truly believe that not having sex before marriage is the best course as it allows you to explore the beauty of sex with only your mate. You learn each other’s needs and wants and you learn to be giving and not selfish. All of God’s standards are for our benefit (Isaiah 48:17,18)


    • Nan says:

      Quite frankly, I would say sex is sex. It doesn’t matter whether it’s before or after marriage. A piece of (legal) paper or a clergy’s “blessing” isn’t going to change the experience. It’s a human need no more no less than any other need (hunger, elimination, etc.)

      In fact, you say “It allows you to explore the beauty of sex with only your mate.” What if “your mate” is sexually inadequate, is abusive during sex, has different sex drives than you. Does this make for beautiful sex?

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    • makagutu says:

      Quite frankly, sex is to be enjoyed. You might wait to have sex in marriage and die on your wedding night. Just ensure you have consent from your partner. That’s what is important


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