Of wise men in the bible

The exploits of Solomon, he who we are told was the wisest of men, resemble those of Nero with one striking difference, YHWH put a stamp of approval on them.

He strikes Adonijah, sends Abiathar to exile, orders the killing of Joab, restricted Shimei’s movement just to name a few.

Or maybe this is how to be wise, eliminate your enemies first.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

13 thoughts on “Of wise men in the bible

  1. Arkenaten says:

    But did Solomon play the fiddle?

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  2. Like Solomon’s great Uncle, Herbert Gonnagrabya, once said,” Don’t get that wise-ass nephew of mine, Solomon, pissed at ya. He’s one nasty sum’bitch!.”


  3. Almost everything in the bible is dumb or horrible. That YHWH brand has one hell of a marketing department, makes people think absolute shit is roses and wine.


  4. Barry says:

    The exploits of Solomon, he who we are told was the wisest of men, resemble those of Nero with one striking difference, YHWH put a stamp of approval on them

    Well, what else do you expect? Of course a tribal hero is going to get the stamp of approval from the tribal god. How is it any different from today with those who consider Trump a hero. The perceived “good” of the hero is lauded, while the actual harm caused is glossed over or ignored. History repeating.

    My faith tradition re-writes its book on faith and practice approximately every generation. I’ts a pity the same idea wasn’t written into the “constitution” of the Bible. I daresay it would be radically different today if it was. In fact I suspect there might be hundreds, of not thousands of versions. I’d be in favour of that.


    • makagutu says:

      That would be a great idea. Redoing the bible every few years


    • basenjibrian says:

      Barry: I enjoy your posts and you may have answered this or at least answered it, but what is your self-defined faith tradition? Just curious. 🙂

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      • Barry says:

        When I can (health issue makes it somewhat difficult) I attend Meeting for worship with Friends (Quakers). I’m reluctant to call myself a Quaker without further qualification, because Quakerism varies so much from country to country. For example, in Kenya, Quakers are Evangelical, have a statement of faith, and their beliefs are similar to any other evangelical church. In Aotearoa New Zealand, Quakers are liberal, non-creedal, have no clergy, and although they acknowledge their Christian roots, don’t claim to be specifically Christian. If you look at the theology grouping of Quakers according to Wikipedia, most Kiwi Quakers would fall loosely into the Liberal, Universalist and Non-theist spectrum.

        If I had to give myself a label it would probably be along the lines of “non-theist Quaker with a bit of mysticism thrown in”.

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  5. basenjibrian says:

    “hinted at” was meant to be the second clause!


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