I don’t feel black

Can I identify myself as grey? Can I go to court and contend this? Is complexion and by extension colour a social construct?

I ask all these because of this post from WEIT, where a man has gone to court to contest his age. He argued

Doctors had told him his body was that of a 45-year-old man, Ratelband argued. He described himself as a “young god”.

In my defense, when I look at the mirror and compare myself against a black object (social construct- pun intended) I don’t look black. So I will consider asking my lawyers to file submissions in court next week to address this issue.


About makagutu

As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

43 thoughts on “I don’t feel black

  1. john zande says:

    I’d like to be classified as Corduroy

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  2. I find classification systems rather fascinating. I think I’ve told you that in Brazil race is seen very differently from everywhere else, so the only people who call themselves black are people whose skin is jet black. Everyone else uses euphemisms like pardo etc.

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  3. I’m officially classified as “Old Gym Shoe” color because I look like an old, worn gym shoe that’s been soaked in brine water for months then baked in the desert sun for several more months. This is kinda how white people age, I guess. Another sign there ain’t a fucking thing about us as a “race” that should EVER be confused as being superior to anything or anyone. White supremacy my withered, ole, gym shoe, wrinkled, dimpled ass!

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    • makagutu says:

      Is that how you feel in your body? Like an old gym shoe?

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      • Oh, no. I feel like a rusty tire iron.

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        • makagutu says:

          Take this matter up with the state court and we are ready to see this matter at the supreme Court, if we must

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          • Esme feels like an entity rather than one specific way/thing, as she’s changed skin and appearance more than once, the last time being when she changed from Sonmi Cloud to Esme Cloud. Larger pointy ears now, no tail this time and taller, much, much taller. See through skin too – this means you can see my innards working so lots of colours going on in the purple/red and mauve line, however I often have a spray tan in light solid lilac/violet as it can put some folks off their tea seeing one’s lungs and eyeballs wobbling around. One of the real treasures that the internet has provided is the ability to strip away preconceptions about those we meet if they don’t have a photograph of themselves up as their avatar; age, race and gender become irrelevant and I have known a few people who have turned out to be a different gender than I suspected at first. I also have good friends who are in their eighties; something that simply wouldn’t have happened in real life as the social constructs in place at present put barriers up that are very hard to bypass in the name of that which is deemed ‘appropriate’ or not. Of course there’s all the horrific elements of anonymity that the web has spawned too. But taking away an ability to judge instantly is fantastic. Of course some people put photos of themsleves up as they are and that’s fine and dandy, as they can’t get enough of themselves clearly. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

            – Esme pegging it fast as John and Swarn throw cabbages at her across the Cloud


          • makagutu says:

            Esme expresses very valid points about anonymity- it’s pleasures and dangers- and the things the internet has made possible.
            Mak is always happy to see Upon the Cloud

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        • Hahahahahahaha

          – Esme finding this hilarious upon the cloud

          (Back later mak)

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  4. Swarn Gill says:

    When I think of you, all I see is koala bear. Not sure why.

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  5. renudepride says:

    My Kenyan brother, I’ll still love you no matter what color you aspire to be – as long as it isn’t orange. The current USA tyrant – excuse – president is that color and it’s hideous! Naked hugs!

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