to or not to a build a wall

I don’t live anywhere near a border neither do I deal with border security. Having said that, I disagree with Jim who thinks trumpsky should have his wall to stop illegal immigrants. I don’t think anyone should be called an illegal. They are migrants and that’s all. And while there are concerns that the host countries cannot handle all the refugees, which I think could be possible, but we have to agree that economic policies, some pushed by WTO have made the case of economic refugees worse. So instead of burying our heads in the sand and addressing a symptom, why not bravely ask the governments to address the real problems.

Nick Kolakowoski in his post lists a few examples of border walls and their successes while William Wilcox looks at the ideology behind border walls.

I am more inclined to this position

The solution, however, isn’t to create massive walls to tell these people that they are unwanted but to increase humanitarian aid abroad, in order to address the issues creating these refugees, while working to welcome the refugees at home.

though it ain’t humanitarian aid that is needed. The place to start is fair trade agreements, reducing armed conflicts around the world, encouraging multinationals that run sweatshops in third world countries to stop and start paying fair wages.

I am confident that all of you can come up with more humane ways to address the crisis than a border wall and a government shutdown. Besides, there are reports of trumpsky having undocumented workers in his various hotels giving credence to the claim that his wall is not really about US of A’s safe borders but could be a manifestation of his racism. But maybe I am wrong about trumpsky, the wall and everything else.

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113 thoughts on “to or not to a build a wall

  1. Many from the US are crossing the border into Canada to get away from scump, plus we’ve taken in many from Syria, as well as the young teen from Saudi just a couple of days ago.

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  2. Ron says:

    According to DHS, those “migrants” contained at least 270 convicted felons.

    But hey — when all those fabulous people living in communities around Hollywood Hills start granting these migrants free room and board within there enormous mansions, I’ll reconsider.


  3. foolsmusings says:

    You’re not wrong. Everything you say is on point. We treat people in developing counties as our serfs and then turn them away at our borders when they try to escape the oppressive regimes that we helped facilitate.

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    • makagutu says:

      I read a while back that those in the 3rd world should not complain about the west hobnobbing with despots because we give them these leaders and so what do we expect of them?


  4. “..but could be a manifestation of his racism.” Could be? Could be? Yeah, it could be. 🙂

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  5. You’re not wrong about Trump and his wall.

    The place to start is fair trade agreements, reducing armed conflicts around the world, encouraging multinationals that run sweatshops in third world countries to stop and start paying fair wages.

    That’s a great place to start.

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  6. Tish Farrell says:

    I read that the majority of so-called illegal immigrants to the US, fly there. They simply outstay their visas. Not sure how you build a wall to keep out people who arrive legally and then become illegal later. Bonkers all round.

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  7. “Do you believe 4,000 terrorists were caught on the southern border?” That’s wrong. It’s 4003. I REALLY wish they’d get these facts right. I was just outside again with my dog. 6007 illegal Hispanic immigrants in a caravan stormed and attacked me. Every day of my life, I’m hounded, attacked, raped, beaten and killed by Hispanic, illegal immigrants who’ve STORMED into America for one reason only: We don’t have a wall and/ or gas chamber system along our southern border. Furthermore, what’s too often left out of the discussion on the southern border is the tens of thousands of Canadians bringing leprosy, AIDS, heroin, and sick goats into our country from Vancouver and Toronto. Again, why does this happen? Again, the answer is an easy one: No wall/gas chamber system along our northern border. The data I provided here is sound, real, not hyperbole, and anyone not agreeing with it simply does not know how to discern REAL facts from fake ones. Want real facts? Ask Trump, me, Pence, or any other TRueMuricanChristian you meet and we’ll give ’em to ya.

    I’m running for Senate in 2020. When I win, I promise to build walls, gas chambers, and crematoriums along our southern and northern borders to defend ‘Murica from illegal Hispanic immigrants, Canadians, the poor, and fucking libtards in general. A vote for IBTD1 in 2020 is a vote against being anally raped by an illegal, Hispanic caravan member, a Canadian, or a disabled poor person. Make ‘Murica proud again. MMPA! Vote for IBTD1 in 2020! $Amen$

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  8. Hey Mak, I hope everything’s fine where you are. Just heard about the goings on in Nairobi.

    With regards to the wall, it has a good chance of being dog-whistle racism (although one can never be 100% certain, as that’s the point of dog-whistling). Regardless, it’s an attempt to create a controversy of government shutdown to paint the incoming Democratic House in a negative light. Extreme right-wing people have the added benefit of believing a government shutdown = spending less money.

    Sadly, nobody in our current power structure (that’s both parties) really has a plan for treating the world more fairly. It would involve helping other countries maintain stable power structures, equitable displacement of wealth, and balanced trade. I’m not sure any of that is possible in today’s current political environment. In many ways, we’re still operating under a system of international relations established in Europe back in the early 19th century (Congress of Venice, to be specific). How can equity be established if people making decisions aren’t able to see things equally?

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    • makagutu says:

      Hey SB,
      How is the new calendar this far? Good to see you here and your comments on the wall. As you a bipartisan agreement is needed to resolve the border security issue and a lot has to be done to check the flow of migrants.

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      • My new year is going alright.

        Common sense still isn’t prevailing, unfortunately. I’ve got family that supports a border wall. It’s easy to want if one dehumanizes migrants. I’ve been doing my best to show how migrants are people too, in search of a better life.

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      • basenjibrian says:

        We can already see the effectiveness of the fair and balanced approach. Mexico has seen its economy grow into “second world” status, and as John Z pointed out above, net migration from Mexico is dropping. Despite the drug gang violence.


  9. maryplumbago says:

    One more article to refute a lot of the trump cult’s false claims.

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