on paradoxes of our time

In this previous post, my friend Ron wrote, and I think it needs further discussion

One man’s sheer waste is another man’s treasure. That’s the beauty of the free market: everyone votes with their wallet.

and I am sure among other things, he knows about information asymmetry or planned obsolescence or even protectionism  that many countries, including the US do.

And while it would be argued that what one find as waste another would find as treasure, this argument doesn’t rule out the fact there is so much waste being produced and that the energies involved would be used in producing more useful stuff.

For as long as I can remember, and that’s a really long time, there was no Halloween celebrations here. In the last few years, some parents have been forced to buy costumes for their children and maybe for themselves, money that would be spent in other useful ventures but thanks to ads and TV shows, it is being spent on useless, from where I sit, expenses.

So while Ron would like to praise the free market, I would be careful to do so. It depends on deception and in some cases, government help to keep afloat.