on poverty

In a previous post where I talk about the paradoxes of our times, I did say we live in a time when the accumulated wealth of the race is unfathomable and that amidst this vast wealth, there is terrible destitution. There are those so poor, they barely get by. They are almost forgotten. And there are those so rich, I think they would need several life times to spend their money.

We can all agree, I think, that both groups, those extremely poor and those fabulously rich are a threat to democracy, the rich especially. We can also agree we need to check the rate at which we are depleting our natural resources.

In this post by Jerry Coyne, the argument is, I think, we are not poorer. We live in the best of times, looked at across various indices and so on. We have great income inequalities which someone in the comments said is like complaining your neighbour lives better than you.

He was writing in response to this post.

What do you make of the two schools of thought?