A challenge to the christians

And I hope those friends of Ark and John Zande can take it up.

A fellow named Dr. Ray Higgins has asked that anyone who can prove with validity that Jesus lived and walked out da grave to present that evidence to him and he will pay all your living expenses until his last.

Since I don’t claim to have as much money, any one with this information will get a standing ovation from my clan๐Ÿ˜.

And a bonus question. Most if not all Christians take Christmas day(25th December) as the birth date of Jesus but Easter shifts depending on the weather. One asks, if as Paul alludes in Corinthians, if Jesus is not risen, then the faith is in vain, why is Easter not taken seriously?

In the video below, he repeats the challenge from 20:24

On peasant labour

Continuing with our discussion on poverty and wealth, Kropotkin argued that it is the poverty of the peasant which is the source of the wealth to the landed proprietor. In short, the wealth of the landlord or the capitalist comes from the poverty of his/ her workers or wage employees.

He goes on to say that the secret to becoming wealthy is to find the starving and the destitute, pay them half a crown and make them produce five shillings worth in the day, amass a fortune by these means, and then increase it by some lucky speculation, made with the help of the state.

He alleges that 90% of the great fortunes made in the USA and Europe are the results of knavery on a large scale, assisted by the state.

The most important question for the revolution is bread for all, food and shelter come next.