On peasant labour

Continuing with our discussion on poverty and wealth, Kropotkin argued that it is the poverty of the peasant which is the source of the wealth to the landed proprietor. In short, the wealth of the landlord or the capitalist comes from the poverty of his/ her workers or wage employees.

He goes on to say that the secret to becoming wealthy is to find the starving and the destitute, pay them half a crown and make them produce five shillings worth in the day, amass a fortune by these means, and then increase it by some lucky speculation, made with the help of the state.

He alleges that 90% of the great fortunes made in the USA and Europe are the results of knavery on a large scale, assisted by the state.

The most important question for the revolution is bread for all, food and shelter come next.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

26 thoughts on “On peasant labour

  1. Mordanicus says:

    You might also be interested in Henry George’s Progress and Poverty which studies the relation between land rent and poverty.

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  2. I’m currently hiring a bunch of poor people to build the gas chambers and crematoriums I’m gonna use to get rid of them once I win my 2020 Senate race. Oh, THE IRONY!!!!! And remember this, the only good government is a Christian government run by loving, kind Christians like myself. IBTD1 2020!

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  3. jim- says:

    Everyone knows this is true Mak, and they’ll work on elevating the poor as soon as they make it rich…off the poor.


  4. Ron says:

    “He alleges that 90% of the great fortunes made in the USA and Europe are the results of knavery on a large scale, assisted by the state.”

    Of course he’d say that: he was an advocate for anarcho-communism. Yet strangely, the communist USSR sputtered and died while the capitialist USA flourished and persists. Things that make you go hmm.

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    • makagutu says:

      Ron, while you are right communist Russia sputtered and died, you are aware it wasn’t based on anarcho-communism and neither was Kropotkin its leader. So maybe it is the ideologues of state communism that we should question


      • Ron says:

        Any system that relies on benevolent leaders to function properly is bound to fail, because there will always be a dictator waiting in the wings ready to usurp control of the political apparatus.


        • makagutu says:

          I don’t think anarchist communism requires any leaders. It would make it pointless. But you are right that a system that depends on benevolent leaders is bound to fail or attract the worst among us


    • Swarn Gill says:

      I would agree with mak here. Russia was state capitalism, not anarcho-communism. The government just became the ceo’s and used poor people in the same way private industry would.


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