weighty matters

So yesterday I was watching explained on Netflix and they had this segment on why diets fail but we still keep doing it. In summary, the basic argument is that diets are frauds, generally. Or pseudo scientific, to use a more science-y term,

And for those who are lazy like yours truly, there is an article on why shouldn’t exercise to lose weight. I have tried it and I know it doesn’t work. Even when I was most active, I think I lost like one or utmost 2kgs and in case you are wondering, I reduced calorie in take. This is not to say you shouldn’t exercise, it has other benefits like maintaining weight once lost, etc.

If you are here trying to lose weight by hitting the gym and not doing anything to what you eat, you are wasting your money in gym subscription.

This Time Magazine article makes for a good read too.

Maybe nature wants us fat and we are busy fighting it, as we always do, always trying to subdue nature.

Have a weighty Monday, everyone