questions for atheists

In my Monday morning tour of the webs, I hit upon this 10 new questions about atheism

1. How do atheists name their children, if most names have some sort of religious background?

I don’t know about your village, but in mine, we are named one, as to time of day we are born or if an important personage happens to pass through the village at the time of birth or a catastrophic event or after a dead grandfather. In fact, it is only with the coming of the missionaries that people started giving their children names with some religious connotations.

2. Is atheism a form of Satanism?

Yes, the brand that eats babies, christian babies especially.

3. Why has atheism become so popular in the 21st century?

As Percy B. Shelley wrote in his defense of atheism; ignorance brought us the gods, knowledge will ruin them (I paraphrase).

4. Why do atheists choose atheism?

We don’t chose. There are those lucky people born in families where the parents are atheists so it is a matter of course. Many others come to atheism after having been believers in woo and finally seeing the light.

5. Are atheists a threat to the United States?

I don’t think so. But in a certain way, yes. As one writer wrote many eons ago, the person of ideas is a threat to received authority.

6. How do atheists keep a positive outlook on life?

Mostly by eating bbq.

7. Why do some atheists insist that atheism is not a “group”?

Because it’s not.

8. Why do so many atheists fail to understand that belief doesn’t require proof?

On the contrary, we do understand this quite well. Believers have insisted they have proof. We are only asking them to provide this proof they have.

9. What is paramount for most atheists?

I wouldn’t know.

10. Is it difficult being an atheist?

Depends on where one lives and the people around you. Try being an atheist in Saudi Arabia and not be discreet about it and see how long before someone finds a reason to drag your ass to a court.




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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

16 thoughts on “questions for atheists

  1. Atul Depak says:



  2. Swarn Gill says:

    1. We tried to find names that were part of our cultural background, but most important was the meaning of the name. There are plenty of choices of names that don’t necessarily involve religion, although there are quite a lot of religious names that have meanings related to Lord or God. But there are plenty of secular names to choose from.

    2. Supernatural deities good or bad isn’t part of atheism. Other than for humor as indicated by your answer mak. lol

    3. Education has played a big role, but in addition to that less atheists are being imprisoned or burned at the stake than ever before. Atheists are far more free to identify as rejecting theist claims.

    4. It’s rather something I realized that I am, over a choice. The indoctrination of youth simply fell away slowly. Theist claims simply don’t match reality and I grew up with little social pressure that I should believe they did.

    5. Anything that challenges existing authoritarian structures is a threat. Democracy is a threat to totalitarianism. The more important question is what structures should be torn down and replaced by another? We can evaluate this scientifically.

    6. All living things meet the same fate. I am grateful to exist at all.

    7. Atheism tends to be highly individualistic. We don’t mind people being religious as long as people keep those beliefs private. Atheists tend to be less quiet when religion tries to govern the public sphere. We’re terribly at organizing, which is a bit of problem actually, because religion continues to play a bigger role in politics in most countries.

    8. Why do believers think that belief is a way to define reality? If human belief defined reality anything could be true. Clearly we don’t want to live in world like that.

    9. This is an odd question. It seems like it’s borne from the Christian point of view that wants to convert all into some sort of Christian harmonized world. I have no such imperative. I have causes that I care about, but not all of them are related to religion.

    10. Your answer mak says it all. I will say that I find it much easier being an atheist than I did a theist. I don’t have to keep wondering how any of the religious dogma makes sense.


  3. “Yes, the brand that eats babies, christian babies especially.” FUCK YES, BABY!!!! 😀


  4. john zande says:

    #7… Could you imagine sitting around with like-minded people discussing how much you don’t believe in unicorns.


  5. renudepride says:

    A very interesting article that relates but yet also unrelates. Very good for a Monday morning, my Kenyan brother! Naked hugs!


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