In Nabokov’s Lolita,Humbert Humbert is attracted to a 12 year old girl.

Mark Greif in Against Everything, suggests that those who dreamed of sexual liberation did not go far enough. They should have said, he writes

Sex is a biological function—and for that reason no grounds to persecute anyone. It is truthless—you must not bring force to bear on people for the basic, biological, and private; you may not persecute them on grounds so accidental. You must leave them alone, neither forcing them to deny their sex nor to bring it into the light.

He, Greif, asks why is there an allure in youth and answers

Youth is more effective precisely because it is something all of us are always losing.

When we look back, we were once youth, it is the familiar. When we look ahead, all adults (those older than us) are strangers, for we have never been old.

Then comes this TEDx talk

This should be an interesting discussion. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this.

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10 thoughts on “Pedophilia

  1. Swarn Gill says:

    I see nobody is touching this topic with a 10ft pole. lol So I’ll deflect ire towards me.

    I don’t know if I agree with Greif’s statements in terms of motivation. I don’t think we understand it well enough to know what’s going on at some fundamental level in the brain. Perhaps that explains more why you might be attracted to a young teenager, but certainly not a 5 year old. Given that men are a majority of pedophiles I thought that perhaps it was the fact that children are largely, at least by societal gender standards more effeminate and that may be triggering something in certain brains. But that’s just speculation. Young boys were often used to play girls in plays, and in some countries there is a certain group of people that like to have sex with cross-dressing young males. Not sure how connected that is, but that’s where my hypothesis comes from.

    In terms of the TED talk I completely agree that this pedophilia is “natural”. The case of the man who started having sexual impulses towards children as a result of a brain tumor is a fairly famous case that shows that this is something in the brain. The argument is that the tumor didn’t cause the pedophilia, but that it caused his inhibitions to be removed to act on his impulses. Which is in a way more disturbing, because it seems that more people might be vulnerable to such a change given a brain tumor in the right spot. Now from an evolutionary psychology point of view, I am not sure I see some advantage to such behavior. One of the few cross-cultural behaviors among humans is the protection of children. Seeking sexual relations with a child that hasn’t reached sexual maturity would have no advantages whatsoever and is only going to possibley harm the psychological development of the child. I can see why we might be attracted to people at 14, 15…etc. Eighteen is somewhat of an arbitrary age that we’ve decided marks the beginning of adulthood and informed consent.

    The point is, and I know you’re not making this argument, that just because it’s natural is in no way endorsing such behavior. In the same way that I am sure many of our darker behaviors are natural. Psychopathy is natural as well. Here we have a situation though where religious thinking gets us in trouble, because people who commit such acts are seen as the embodiment of evil, and not people who can be helped. There is a lot of evidence, and the video talks about this, is that many boys know as soon as they hit puberty that they have this sexual attraction to children, and that if the issue could be dealt with at an early age that therapy could greatly reduce the chances that a person would act on the impulse. For as much of a stigma there is for mental health issues as teenager, or admitting you are gay as a teenager, it’s 10 times worse to admit this, because universally people are going to see you as less than human. I get a very visceral reaction when I hear about harm to children and so I get it, it’s just that in the end we have to ask the question, “What is the best way of reducing the chances that children will be harmed in this way?” Until we recognize the biological/neurological roots to the problem I don’t think we will make progress. Calling something evil isn’t a deterrent, it’s just a label.

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    • makagutu says:

      It appears it’s a hot potato. Greif says many interesting things on this subject. For example that the attraction to youth is also visible in ads where for example you have a woman just between teenage and adulthood or even in dressing.
      Even without a tumour, I think there are a few people attracted to youth and may not act on these desires.
      No, I am not making the argument that people should now go and start having sex with children. I think it is a discussion worth having.

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      • Swarn Gill says:

        I agree with you, and I knew you weren’t making the argument that people should go have sex with children. I think we have to talk about it though and try to understand it. It seems like a place where we just call it evil and not want to think about. It does trigger I think the digust factor in many people which is evolutionary so I can understand not wanting to talk about it, but it does have to be talked about. Similarly, even child abuse in general is not something that is easy to get people to think about it. It just happens, people get angry, but nobody is really asking questions about how to really help the children, what tax dollars go, or should go towards the problem, etc.

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        • makagutu says:

          There’s the fear that by talking about it, we normalise it and before we know it, it is legal

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          • Swarn Gill says:

            I don’t know. We talk about a lot of dark stuff without it being normalized. We have movies that bring a lot of violence into the mainstream and yet it doesn’t make it legal. I think that people like their monsters, and their really is nobody more monstrous that a pedophile. People are more worried about having to think of another bad “actor” in this world as a human being.


  2. renudepride says:

    The laws and policies are enacted to protect children from forced and unwanted sexual contact. That is their purpose and the laws and policies are applicable to all youth (children) whether the sexual attraction is either heterosexual or GLBTQ. It makes no difference if the action is between two who are close to the same age. It does make a distinction if one of those involved is an adult. Naked hugs!

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  3. I’m SO glad I’m a Catholic when it comes to this topic. At least Catholics roundly condemn pedophilia and would NEVER stand for ANY of their priests fucking children and/or covering up the fact that their priests routinely rape children. Thank Jeebus for that!!! 🙂

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