How do you sue an airline

This is the question I have asked myself since morning. I have turned it around my head many times it is now tender. And can that charge sheet include lost sleep, loss of business, time wasted, emotional trauma and all? You see, I had a reservation for Mogadishu on Fly Ade scheduled to leave Nairobi at 6:40am. Since I live 40minutes, on a good day, away from the airport, I had to wake up early and all. These fellows cancelled the flight after 7 and without notice. I called our travel agent who didn’t know or if they knew, it must have been while I was at the airport. Maybe I should enjoin them in the case. The only question I have for them is what did they know, when did they know and what did they do with it. SB, the ball is on your court.

In a different story, I got to reflecting how dignitaries those who move around in a convoy of cars with outriders and chase cars feel. You see I was in this situation where I am in a armoured car, with armed outrider and chase car cruising fast through the streets of Mogadishu and I am asking myself whether I feel more safe that way or would it be much better if I were in a nondescript car without guards? My preference is obviously for anonymity whenever it is possible. I know this is strange since this blog is a contradiction to my preferring anonymity. Life is what it is, so they say.

In still a different story, I have been reflecting on the negative effects of armed conflict and looking at the state of the city of Mogadishu. Humanity must find a way to resolve its problems without resorting to war. 25 years of civil war is bad. It will take lots of work to have a working government in this place.

In unrelated news, I am reading a book on the assassination of Martin Luther King and the cover up is beyond shocking.

Related to the unrelated news is the situation in Venezuela which seems as a calculated attempt by some countries to overthrow a legitimate government. But this is a story for later, though one could read this and this.

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30 thoughts on “How do you sue an airline

  1. Tish Farrell says:

    Commiserate on the cancelled flight and especially after flogging out to the airport too. As to Venezuela – it’s the same old, same old regime change plan – first the demonization, then the sanctions to destabilize the economy, to then ramp up the demonization, which next ‘justifies’ intervention – politically and militarily in a sovereign nation whose electoral system is described by the Carter Centre as the best in the world. We’re told THE war is on terrorism, but actually it’s against any nation with socialist values.

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  2. renudepride says:

    Contact an attorney and provide him the details and allow him to represent you and pursue your legal case. That’s what they’re paid to do.
    As for the transportation issue, use the armored vehicle and the escorts. Let them protect you and intimidate any other vehicle who may try to influence your route. Naked hugs!

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  3. john zande says:

    If you can demonstrate loss, you can sue. Better to do a class action.

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  4. How to sue and airline? First of all, you’ll need a lawyer named Sue – lol! But seriously, please take care in Mogadishu.

    Yes, the MLK assassination and coverup was shocking.

    Regarding Venezuela, my sympathies lay exclusively with the ordinary people. The U.S. enacted economic sanctions to cutoff Venezuela’s main source of revenue from its nationalized oil industry. Then, Trump and his neocon buddies tried to exploit the ensuing humanitarian crisis for geopolitical gain. But, Russia and China are also to blame as are Maduro and Guaido. Don’t be suckered into taking sides. There are no good political actors here.

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    • makagutu says:

      First, I am looking for Sue(this has me laughing)
      MLK coverup is a disgrace.
      I agree there are no good political actors in the Venezuela crisis.

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    • basenjibrian says:

      I am more skeptical about Maduro as a victim, myself. Without absolutely agreeing that American intervention is terrible. Maduro’s soldiers are shooting people trying to obtain food aid.

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      • makagutu says:

        This I would be very skeptical of. There could be agent provocateurs placed to give that appearance.
        It would be foolhardy to shoot at people whose support you are courting unless you are totally insane. In that case, any means would justify ends

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        • basenjibrian says:

          I don’t know. That begins to verge on conspiracy-mongering. And even while acknowledging that the United States is a very bad actor, the Maduro regime has been pretty bad.

          The Carter Center? led by the sainted Peanut Farmer who armed the Indonesians while they slaughtered 1/3 of the East Timorese and started the nastiness in Afghanistan…and Central America…and Iran?

          Oh well. I guess he and his crew are trying to make up for their crimes. They are doing more than the Peace Prize President just departed the White House, I guess (another sociopath who should be at The Hague right now, imho)


          • makagutu says:

            I actually have little trust of the Carter centre after their participation in our two botched elections. So I don’t hold them in high regard.
            As to conspiracy mongering, I think you will agree there have been cases where the intelligence services of the United states have infiltrated groups and so I don’t see why this should be an exception.

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  5. basenjibrian says:

    without disagreeing. Oops!


  6. jim- says:

    Nothing on your mind lately? Sheesh! You need a vacation


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