Only the Catholic church is the true church ™

And protestants, as SoM used to say, are truly lost. I don’t believe that I finally agree with that fellow.

By sticking to tradition, a tradition it invented for her interests, the Catholic church, both Greek and Roman, has most faithfully preserved the spirit of early Christendom. It is no wonder, then, that it refers to tradition for the truth of its religious view of the world.

In Christ Myth, the author notes that Protestantism is completely unhistoric in passing off the gospels as the sources, as the revealed basis of the faith in Christ, as if they had arisen independently of the church.

To be Christian therefore, one must unite as a member with the church- body of Christ.

Tragedy Nigeria edition

In the 18th Brumaire of Karl Marx where he treats of Napoleon, he writes history repeats itself first as tragedy, the second time as farce. Nothing can be truer than what is happening in Nigeria. A few years ago, they elected Buhari to be their president. This wouldn’t be so bad if he was a newcomer to the throne, but hell no, this guy had been a military dictator before and among the things he couldn’t deal with was endemic corruption. I don’t know what he could have told them to get him votes, but that’s history.

History is about to repeat itself this weekend in the same person of Buhari if he should win the elections.

I hope these guys will do the right thing and send their high commissioner to the UK packing (I hear he spends most of his time in the UK) and get themselves another pretender.

Death note

Suppose you had the power to choose who dies, when and how they die by simply writing their name on a paper or saying it loudly, would you do it?

This is the theme of a movie by the same name as the title of this post.

The main antagonist kills a guy who beat him up and rapidly graduates to killing bad guys across the continents and gets a girl he admires in school involved.

A detective comes to town to help local police identify the mysterious killer and this is where everything gets interesting.

The moral question, here, is can we decide that a pedophile or a thief deserves to die? Especially where we know they really are guilty? Can it be up to us?

Or is this the problem with human beings as Satan in Mysterious Stranger by Mark Twain concludes.

Jesus of Nazareth? Really

I was looking for an introduction to this post and I think Jesus in wonderland by Ark does it for me.

In his book, Christ Myth( which yours truly is currently reading) Arthur Drews concludes and I quote

Whether there was a place called Nazareth in pre-Christian days must be considered as at least very doubtful. Such a place is not mentioned either in the old testament or in the Talmud, which, however, mentions more than 60 Galilean towns; nor again, by the Jewish historian Josephus, nor in the Apocrypha. Cheyne believes himself justified by this in the conclusion that Nazareth in the new testament is a pure geographical fiction.

[]The ‘nazorean’ is applied to Jesus only as guardian of the world, protector and deliverer of men from the power of sin and demons, but without any reference to a quite obscure and entirely unknown village named Nazareth, which is mentioned in documents beyond any dispute, only from the fourth century.

who knew it is possible to

brainwash oneself? The level of profit Owuor’s delusion pales in comparison to the delusion CS or Mel suffers. The profit told a crusade of brainwashed followers

“I’ve taken personal authority. Strictly based on the words of my tongue. I bless you with eternity. You will see the glory kingdom of God. The heavens have heard,”

whereas my Muslim friends think Mohammed is the last profit of god, profit Owuor has said

everyone is created knowing that the Lord is God and that he (Owour) is His prophet. That if you abuse him you go direct to the hell; to a special graveyard.