In Act of State, Pepper presents a compelling narrative on the state and federal government’s involvement in the assassination of King.

From his work, it appears it was simply a matter of time before King was eliminated. His, King’s, work had threatened economic interests of the military establishment which at the time was executing a war in Vietnam and at the same time, domestic economic interests at home by threatening to make visible the wretched, from all races, of the American population by organising a match to the nation’s capital.

And in the afterward, he makes a compelling case against the imperialism of the US made possible by the IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organisation. He also includes in his criticism, capitalism & the multinationals that have become great threats to democracy worldwide.

Finally he comments on the various legislation that have been passed by Congress since 9/11 or slightly before that have the effect of reducing civil liberties or shrinking the space for dissent.

He argues, I think, successfully, the United states government has followed Goebbels philosophy of a lie repeated long enough will be believed as a truth ( I paraphrase).

Maybe America would be different for her poor had the match of the poor taken place.

Someday the truth of why, and who was involved in the killing of King will be eventually known.