Of profits and profiteers

When the mightiest profit of da lawd is not caught in a billion shilling scandal, he spends his time bamboozling the sheep that follow him with cheap threats that he has knowledge of impending calamities. Here he is at again.

On Sunday he said

I am seeing Gods judgement upon Kenya, I have talked to high profile leaders about the coming judgement for them to prepare,”

He added

“Just as I saw in 2005,2006 and 2007 it was written by many and read by everyone, until it happened in 2007. I warned people will be running for their dear lives, I for-seed gun wars but people never listened till it happened” he added

And for those who can recall, many lives were lost following a disputed election in December of 2007. So the profits god saw it coming and left neighbour to butcher neighbour, for what? So that profit can claim he is profit. Madness is you ask me.

Repeal all blasphemy laws

This case of four Pakistanis in court for various blasphemy charges is quite scary. And sometimes you don’t even know your accuser so you can face them in court. And what is this with religious sensibilities? Can’t god take a joke? And why be so uptight about what others say of your religion? This reminds me of the comments of the inquisitors, why show mercy anyway and you are going to hell.