21 thoughts on “Dave Allen on first contact with god

  1. Used to watch him every week without fail…..so funny, but also very true.

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  2. Barry says:

    I don’t remember when I first saw that sketch. Perhaps the mid or late 1970s? Although it might have been in the late 1960s when he had a series in Australia, I think titled “Tonight with Dave Allen”. I seem to remember it being funnier the first time round, but after all this time, I might be remembering my reaction to a different sketch all together. I also have vague memories of him interviewing Peter Cook and Dudley Moore, Two of my favourite comedians from that era.

    Good Grief, now I do feel old. That’s nearly half a century ago.

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  3. jim- says:

    Thanks Mak. Itโ€™s maxing that weโ€™re not bonafide crazy growing up trying to make sense of the senseless from our youth on up. It is delusional to believe this sh/t.

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    • makagutu says:

      It is a wonder that some people die in old age still believing this to be the truth and the only important truth. It is to be bamboozled, as Sagan would say, but not easy to realise you were bamboozled

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  4. john zande says:

    My dad LOVED him, and he was my first taste of it’s OK to lampoon religion.

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  5. judyt54 says:

    This man, in one sketch, put the entire idea of worshipping the Invisible Angry Forgiving God right in the ground. That you can say such things and actually believe it, is incredible.

    I saw some of his earlier sketches on YouTube, and I find the older Dave Allen far more appealing and entertaining than the younger one.

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  6. renudepride says:

    The captioning didn’t really make sense. But if everyone else enjoyed it, then good for them! Naked hugs!


  7. shelldigger says:

    That was good!


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