are ‘new atheists’ white supremacists?

That’s according to Hamid Dabashi writing for AlJazeera. Hamid says of the works by the four horsemen

Nor did they make any intellectually challenging or noteworthy contribution to the millennia-old debate on belief and disbelief in God.

A claim many others have made before which I don’t want to get into.

He adds

With white supremacy currently flourishing in the US and elsewhere, a book on “new atheism” – a pseudo-intellectual movement that has heavily contributed to its rise – would surely sell.

I thought the four horsemen were equal opportunity non believers, the good prof says

Instead, the entirety of their work is just a vicious attack on a 1.5-billion-strong, immensely diverse and dynamic community.

Maybe, only the four are the new atheists and the prof finds them illiterate. He says

hey are all white older men, who have never embarked on studying Islam, do not speak Arabic – the language of the Qur’an – and certainly have no special insight into any Muslim community on earth. They are, literally, illiterate.

Go read that piece. It is full of gems like the ones already quoted.

Happy week everyone.