Mother’s Day

You see I grew up in the village and so many things that happen in the cities did not generally get to the village. For example Mothers Day. Now that I have internet, I see it started in 1908 by Ann Jarvis in the US of A( Wikipedia).

12 years ago, my mother died and some days may pass when I don’t think of her, like when I am so broke, but I miss her deeply. As I have written before elsewhere, she was my teacher in more ways than one. A great teacher at that.

I miss you mum.

So on this day, I send gratitude to all those great mums who have and continue to take care of their children. Those who hug them. Who feed them. Teach them and all.

Let’s hope that all those mothers who drown their children, harass them or beat them may be transformed to show greater love.

Happy mother’s Day to all our moms.