On culture or culture wars

I stumbled upon this article and I have a few thoughts. But before I say my thoughts, we need to get a few things out of the way.

Culture has been defined as that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom, and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.

The author writes

They want to speak their native language, yet demand we accommodate them instead of learning ours too to integrate with us. They want only to have their own ways, never thinking they could embrace both our ways and their own. They want to use brute force and fear, rather than diplomacy to settle disputes. They want to treat their children as property as well, while we want to nurture them into becoming autonomous adults. This isn’t the whole of the matter, but many examples of how Western values and other values don’t quite mix as well… Many speak of a “culture war” between the West and many other 3rd world countries, and its true, we want one thing, they want another.

and first I laughed then I cried. The US is using fear around the world spreading democracy through the use of drones and fire power, but no, it is those going to the US of A who are using fear. Currently, there is an ongoing debate in the US of A around Roe Vs Wade and it is projected as fight on women’s bodies. I don’t for the life of me know what the good blogger is saying. And lest we forget, the FFRF exists specifically because in practice, the separation of state and church is lost on many Americans. She tells us western values and other values don’t mix. But what are these values?

It’s interesting that irony is lost to her. She accepts the cultural relativism thesis but then goes ahead to insist theirs is the only one that counts, that must count. There is no offer on her part to learn that of the other. Hers is the dominant one to be learned by force. Don’t you just love this!

She continues to write

People have given up the culture and language they were born into, lost everything just to come over to the West! Why?

and I am surprised things like colonialism didn’t reach her.

And we in the third world should be grateful because

Our science has lead to technologies, medical care, and progress that has decreased mortality rates across the board at all ages! We now can treat disease and illness.

as if there is American science of French science and African science. Knowledge is a product of the race. And maybe for her information, there are diseases that were unknown in some places until the white man showed up. As a cultural anthropologist, I think, a study of history is necessary.

Who knew that in America disease can’t kill you?

Compared to countries where slavery is still around, ethnic and cultural minorities and women are 3rd class citizens, a disease can kill you, infant mortality is sky high, people are slain for being “heretics”, dictators rule with an iron fist over the helpless people, corruption is rife, and so on and so on, Western values of democracy and equality and more technology to better people’s lives sounds a lot better for everyone!

There problem of death for apostasy happens in such places as Saudi Arabia which still remain bosom buddies of the US. Slavery happens mostly in Arabia. Dictators rule with support of armed forces and international partners from the west. And because she is a poor historian, some have been installed by the US after the overthrow of democratically elected governments. When it is in the third world, it’s corruption, but when it happens in the US, it is called lobbying or scandal like the Lori’s school admissions scandal. I am not saying we don’t die of disease, sometimes even preventable diseases or that we have governance problems, it is the ahistoricity in her claims that I contest.

There is a list of things you are not allowed to do, for example

  • We can’t impose our morality on them, yet they can on us when it’s convenient!
  • Even a more innocuous example, other cultures all over the world are allowed their own standards of beauty for men and women, yet we are criticized for having our own cultural ideal of beauty because that’s not “body positive”!
  • They can think freely whatever they want, and be defended by “cultural relativism” while our cultural ideas are scrutinized and nit picked to the max!

And honestly, I am lost. Who is this who is stopping Muricans from imposing their morality on others? My neighbour is asking what is American morality. I am even surprised Americans can no longer think freely what they want. These third world minions have crossed the line. They even police thoughts!

You have even been forced to tolerate the third world.

 Overall, the radical liberal snowflakes only have “tolerance” and relativism for what they pick and choose!

Who wants tolerance anyway?

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About makagutu

As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

43 thoughts on “On culture or culture wars

  1. Carmen says:

    Typical right-wing nut bar, minus religion. Jesus, what a looney. Read through some of the blog and got to the part where she’s praising tRump and saying that he’s improved the country. Honestly, the trump cult members must all be cut from the same cloth. . 😦

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  2. This woman is my kinda gal!!!! She’ll most certainly vote for me, in my 2020 run for the Senate, and my idea to build gas chambers and crematoriums for the poor, the sick, immigrants, and the disabled who are ALL currently ruining ‘Murica with their fearful and immoral evil ways. Also, any woman seeking an abortion for any reason will be gassed and cremated in my America when I gain power. What better way to show ‘Murica’s love of fetuses, and life in general, than by gassing and cremating any woman seeking to abort one for any reason. Yep. This gal, like Trump, is a True’Murican, and I am counting on her vote to place me into political power in ‘Murica. $Amen$

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  3. mupazviriho says:

    culture is a weapon of control, history has shown that!


  4. You’re An Idiot says:

    Wow, you completely misread what the writer was saying. Or else you’re completely ignorant of how many immigrants are refusing to accept American culture and want American culture to bend to their demands. Either way, you obviously aren’t an American because we don’t say “US of A” and are therefore attempting to butt into American politics where you have no say and do not belong. How dare you presume to tell Americans what they should put up with from illegals and others who think they’re going to just waltz into our country and force us to bend to their ways. I would never presume to move to a foreign country and stupidly demand they all speak English and do things the way we do in the US!! How arrogant to expect your new country to conform to the ways of migrants. And who leaves a 💩home country and immediately tries to turn a better country into another 💩hole?? We have enough trouble with idiot Demonrats trying to destroy American culture without outsiders coming in and demanding we turn all churches and synagogues into mosques. If they don’t want to live like Americans, they shouldn’t come to America because Western values are far better for all who value freedom and the equal rights of women and LGBTQ.


    • makagutu says:

      No wonder you are an idiot.

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    • empressswamiii says:

      Maybe that’s something y’all should’ve thought through before going to other countries “spreading” democracy while in fact you were just meddling. Sth the USA seems exceedingly good at.
      You guys should do that wall all round haha. Lock yourselves in that country so that it’s easier for y’all to spread your bigotry and ignorance.

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    • basenjibrian says:

      I’m an American and I say you are an embarrassment to this country and too representative of its bigoted, ignorant population. I would also note that an outsiders’ perspective is always interesting and quite often helpful and useful. But as a typical blinkered American, you are too arrogant yourself to listen to anyone from outside your very narrowly defined minority tribe. “Sad”….to quote your favorite political blowhard.

      Your plaint about “ferriners” “refusing” to fit in is both ahistorical and silly. 1. we have always had waves of immigrants, many of whom gathered in communities (neighborhoods) for comfort, protection, and mutual support. 2. The previous waves of immigrants almost always ranted and raved about the later dusky hordes refusing to fit in. 3. protests and the modern left’s unfortunate propensity to overemphasize group identity aside, do you REALLY think modern second or third generation immigrants do not learn the language. 4. What is the unique American culture that these immigrant hordes threaten? Baptist church suppers and Jello salads? The KKK? “American” culture has always been a stew of immigrant contributions; it is not some pure generations old ethnic culture based on what peasants owned by the 4th Duke of Figgybottom did in their corner of Essex in 1333.

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  5. renudepride says:

    Thank you for sharing this and your thoughts, my Kenyan brother! It is amazing to me how so much bigotry is practiced by those who often proclaim their personal contributions to broaden global society. I guess others fail to recognize their minimal accomplishments! Naked hugs!

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  6. Naw. I’m a painfully serious person who ALWAYS means what he says and NEVER uses hyperbole to over-state a ludicrous point. Nope. Not me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to build me some gas chambers and crematoriums to “take care of” the problem we have here in ‘Murica with the poor, the sick, the disabled, and anyone else I don’t think of as a True’Murican. Remember, a vote for me in 2020 is a vote for freedom, a vote for Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and a vote for a better, more lovingly kind, ‘Murica. $Amen$


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