26 thoughts on “What to do?

  1. maryplumbago says:

    Can’t open it. I don’t have a subscription to the Times..


  2. judyt54 says:

    I don’t either, Mary. I just clicked on the link and there it was. But I can summarize it, VERY briefly, His wife was dying of cancer and Lyme disease. They had discussed options, so she was more than willing to have this happen. One night he took a gun and shot her.
    He is now being charged with manslaughter and will probably spend the rest of his life in jail.
    Sometimes you have to throw the book away and look at the people involved.

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  3. I feel awful for this poor man and his wife. how ridiculous that he will now go to prison for this. Something is deeply flawed in our society.

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  4. jim- says:

    He would have favored himself to document her wishes, have her sign and notarize. My regular doctor, Jack Kavorkian died a few years back. So far no one has stepped up to replace him.

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  5. renudepride says:

    My own father was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer this past October. He opted for pain management treatment only on November 3, 2018. He died, pain-free, on November 10, 2018. As much as I truly miss him, I am so grateful that he didn’t suffer needlessly. Mercy death is NOT an option for any legal action – period. If we have a right to life, then we have a right to death. Naked hugs, my Kenyan brother!

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  6. john zande says:

    It’s a crime that he had to do this. And he’s not the first.Give people the right to a dignified death.

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  7. the fetishization of life for life’s sake is sickening. And it all seems to come from religion.

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  8. Nan says:

    As I said on Scottie’s blog, thank goodness I live in Oregon!

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