Birthday present

In a previous post I indicated my interest in pursuing some research in an attempt to answer these two questions

  • how far did mission Christianity try to capture or delete previously sacred landscapes in Kenya?
  • how did my/our forefathers respond to such desecration of religious sites and knowledge?

and develop the research further.

My birthday comes in December, but there is no harm in making it happen tomorrow or the week after by gifting me this book. I promise to read it and write a review. And I accept ebooks (epub version).

Thank you already.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

10 thoughts on “Birthday present

  1. Arkenaten says:

    Happy pre-Birthday!
    I imagine as one (religion) regime supplanted another, this sort of thing went on all over the place.
    When historians ponder the lack of evidence, archaeological and textual, of the numerous sects in early Christianity it is no small stretch to believe the ”victors” of post-Nicaea made every effort to eradicate all traces of dissenting doctrines.

    Christian missionaries made similar efforts in most indigenous culture they encountered. Consider Native Americans and the native tribes of South America.
    To them, it was all in the name of bringing the lost into the fold, and if they couldn’t be ”herded” well, there were various methods to bring them to heel!


  2. Looks like a fascinating book. Happy early birthday, my fellow devout Muslim friend.

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  3. I’d gladly get this book for you, but today is actually my birthday and nobody has given me a damn thing! I’m really, really pissed-off and not in a giving mood right now – lol! So, here goes…

    I’m sixty-four
    but there ain’t much more
    and I got an itch
    that I just can’t reach
    To hell with this birthday…
    who needs ’em anyway?


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