It’s all the same everywhere

From the time my friends in America voted for Trump as president, they lost every right to lecture any country on democracy and good leadership.

When Britain fired May in June and had a few people vote forBoris Johnson they forfeited that smug behaviour of lecturing other democracies. In the link provided, I have seen someone compare what is happening in Britain to what happens in 3rd world democracies. Well, let me be the one to remind you sometimes chickens come home to roost.

As for now though, we will be sending political advisors from the third world to help Britain deal with its crisis.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

31 thoughts on “It’s all the same everywhere

  1. john zande says:

    Brazil’s delegation flew out last night.

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  2. The truth is that the decision to leave the EU was based on emotion rather than reason. It was based on pride. Ofcourse they’re trying to rationalise their decision now, which they’re finding difficult.

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  3. keithnoback says:

    Hey! Tweetsy the Clown and Bedhead are very stable geniuses, elected by the True Patriots – and they have beaten you to the punch.
    Don’t you recognize Mugabe’s economic principles and Gadhafi’s leadership style?


  4. ladysighs says:

    I so agree with you about the US losing any authority. It pains many many of us. Each day there are highs of hope. Each day there is deep despair. I am proud of our citizens who are trying to rectify this injustice. I do what I can – which is inadequate

    I made a video. (OH NO! not another ladysighs singing creations!) ๐Ÿ˜ฆ lol
    This is the link. It’s called
    We’ve Only Just Begun

    Here are the words if one doesn’t want to hear me.

    We’ve only just begun to find
    Lies and perjury
    Fraud and injury
    All proven

    Before we are done for mankind
    To all we will be fair
    No need to despair
    And yes we’ve just begun

    Finding the truth isn’t new to us
    Seeking each and every clue
    Talking it over with no to-do
    Working together day to day together

    And when all is done we’ll smile
    No more deceit ahead
    Truth will be spread
    And yes we’ve just begun

    Opportunity for everyone
    The rule of law we will restore
    Our country will be as before
    Working together day to day together

    And when all is done we’ll smile
    Only morality
    Only reality
    And yes we’ve just begun

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  5. jim- says:

    Friend donโ€™t let friends vote Trump. There is a somber feeling and anxiety here. I think this is the most unhappy place. The hate groups are feeling empowered. My county (Stevens) is becoming a gathering place for this to resurface. โ€œThe Baseโ€ bought property about 30 miles from me


  6. But….But….But….MAK!!! America is GREAT again due to the spoiled rotten, draft-dodging, Putin loving, orange man child we’ve elected! Haven’t you noticed? The only issues in America are liberals and progressives. These people are sickening, and the SUCK ASS! They refuse to allow our wonderful, overgrown baby of a President to do all he wishes without complaining about it. I HATE them! The buggers are anti-Putin, too! CAN YOU EFFING BELIEVE THAT SHIT!!!
    Look, what great country hasn’t been made even greater when a treasonous, cowardly, spoiled-rotten brat was made its leader? As for Britain, well, the more isolated they can be and the more their leadership can act like the large, fat, coward we have as President here in the States, the better. Remember, there isn’t a trouble in the world that hasn’t been caused by liberals and humanists. With Jesus and Donald Trump on our side, how can America be anything but great again? $Amen$


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