marvels of engineering wastefulness

I am all for pedestrians have safe footbridges across busy road sections. But this is one of those occasions I would use the road to cross the footbridge. It does look like a monumental waste of resources. Speed bumps, in my view would solve the problem for this small market centre.

This is an over kill

Where you live, do you pay to use the toilets? It is important that you do. You see that money has many uses.

Cost sharing for better services

And finally, good and clean toilets are key to nation building. Who knew?

Clean toilets for national success

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24 thoughts on “marvels of engineering wastefulness

  1. jim- says:

    Overpasses for all!! At least it’s ugly.

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    • makagutu says:

      It takes the trophy for ugly. Though I think if i went around taking photos, there are foot bridges that will hold a candle to it in ugliness

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      • basenjibrian says:

        I should send in a few examples from my fair city. The one difference, though, is our megabridges cross a dangerous railroad line and freeway, and the second crosses a freeway, so there is a rational argument for them. (the first also provides access to a passenger railroad station, so there is some traffic). Both are very, very ugly structures, of course.

        They can be done nicely. There is a very active regional trail in the County south of me (Iron Horse Trail, for SF Bay Area people) that has two pedestrian bridges that are lovely, lovely designs.


  2. ladysighs says:

    I don’t know why or where I came up with this poem. I do know when: July of 2012.


  3. Ron says:

    I’m more surprised by the fact that there are actually people using the overhead crossing. I also pity the wheelchair user tasked with climbing such a steep ramp.

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  4. This reminds me of an old Chinese proverb I’ve just made up: “Dirty Public Toilets Build Stronger Bladders!” This is a FACT! I’ve often felt I’ve had to pee only to enter a public bathroom, wretch, and then say to myself, “Fuck this! I’ll hold it til I get home!” So, I say, it is in the public’s best interest, and the interest of bladder strength everywhere, to keep public toilets dirty. Thank you, and, please, have a powerful-bladder day. $Amen$

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  5. renudepride says:

    I’m so very surprised! No one claims that the toilet donations help to provide free condoms to prevent diseases! 🙂 Naked hugs!


  6. basenjibrian says:

    I was thinking, though. We think too small.

    THIS is an amazing, epic, Ozymandish waste of money. An overengineered pedestrian bridge is trivial when compared to the billions spent on a plane that cannot fly in the rain.

    I increasingly believe that there will be, cannot be, “reform” of the current “system(s)”. The rot, the corruption, the self justifications are too embedded. Plus, the ideology of eternal economic growth which late stage capitalism needs…that is the ideology of a malignant cancer cell. I am no “socialist” by any means, and I fear the alternative to the current Leviathan is a return to the horrors of theocracy, poverty, and localized oppression. But how long can things go on like this?


    • makagutu says:

      Now, that is a colossal waste of money. We have been told time and again we can critique capitalism because it has gotten masses out of poverty. Maybe this waste is not capitalism but socialism. Who knows?


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