I was going to let this pass

But I thought against it.

God, it seems, uses earthquakes as a way to tell men and women they are fucking a lot. It does seem it is time geography/ geology books were reviewed to reflect this revelation; instead of movement in the earth crust being the cause of earthquakes, it should read god’s anger and particularly, the god of Jesus.

It is time Christians who live near fault lines or in earthquake prone areas started asking their neighbours whether they are having any illicit sex and to stop forthwith as this seems the only way to deal with their god’s anger. Or better still, given human beings are going to have sex anyway and might anger their god, the god should make humans asexual so we don’t have unnecessary suffering especially for worms, birds and other wildlife caught in the middle of the earthquake.

I know you are all clever people and can come up with better solutions to this earthquake sex problem.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

38 thoughts on “I was going to let this pass

  1. john zande says:

    Sounds legit. Airtight argument, really.

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  2. I think I might love you. But, it’s going to have to be a non intimate affair…so we can save the world!

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  3. jim- says:

    How about mandatory vasectomies at 13 with free reversals at 30 if you choose?

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  4. rautakyy says:

    Here in Finland we have almost no earthquakes at all. Is it because we are so virtuous in our sexual relationships and have been for the past 10 000 years, our ancestors have inhabited the same geographical area? Should we expect some terrible change in the crust of the planet, if we change our habits? Where in the Bible does it say that? I have read the book, but I can not remember anything even to remotely give us this hint.

    I wonder, how on earth should the Romans in Pompei and Herculaneum have known they were sinning, ie. doing against the will of the one true god, when they were not even aware of the rules set by this Hebrew god? They had no particular reason to believe in the Hebrew god, as most of them had never even heard of that particular tribal god, nor of the dude executed for blasphemy in some remote protectoriate of the Empire being his alledged illicite son. Even if some of them had heard about this story, they had their own cultural traditions and it would be not only unrealistic, but totally immoral from the Hebrew god to expect these people to give up their traditional values, moral codes and dictates of their own gods in place of a nother alien god. The moral rules alledgedly set by the Hebrew god were according to the Hebrews themselves meant only for Hebrews and obviously not for this god himself, as he had the audacity to produce his own sire through impregnating a nother man’s wife. It is simply immoral and vile to think, that all those people died an agonizing death because they did not obey rules they were not even aware of and that we are expected to think such a god is benevolent.

    I no longer wonder about religious people believing in the most obvious nonsense, but I keep wondering what ails them, when these stories, that have such inner contradictions keep surfacing. It is like reading a diary of someone who has totally lost the faculties of the real world around them. Anything goes as long as it seems to support this particular superstitious preassumption about a god?

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    • makagutu says:

      You Finns must be doing sex correctly that’s why there are no quakes in your lands.
      I struggle to understand the mind that comes up with such nonsense. What do they drink that should be banned?


    • basenjibrian says:

      You just need to discover some shale oil under the forests. Once you have injected enough (trade secret) poisons into the ground to enable (not) profitable extraction*, you can CREATE your own earthquakes, no Hebrew God needed.

      * I understand that the vaunted shale oil industry is not really all that profitable, but when all the money flows to the 1/2%, the Wall Street (and City of London) Grifters are so desperate for rentier returns on investment that they will fund ANYTHING. Meanwhile, we are dumping nasty poisons into the ground water because PROFIT. For the grifters, of course. They always get THEIR fees.

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      • makagutu says:

        They can make their own quakes by allowing same sex marriage ๐Ÿ˜€

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        • rautakyy says:

          And not a day too soon. What a struggle it was to get that basic human right to pass through legistlation. Rest asured, that we have some religious nincompoops, who still are acting against it, altough today their main angle is that the state Lutheran church would not be setting itself in line with the secular civil matrimony. There is a deep division line within the church on plenty of other human rights issues and not just the same sex marriage. Our most conservative religious nutters have not yet even recovered from the law that allows for women to become priests, even though it has been set decades ago. Apparently, since there was no obvious natural disaster following that descision here, the Biblical god is OK with female priestesses after all.

          The Finnish law allows for registered religions to perform marriages, that are considered legally binding. It is a travasty, wich religions may get the registration. The committee that decided wether some cult is an actual religion consists of a couple of Lutheran bishops, an Orthodox bishop and a member chosen by the theologial faculty of Helsinki university. These guys have revealed how very thin is the line between a religion and a cult. One of their main parametres for a religion is that it has to have a holy book. Hence, the Wiccans are not considered an actual religion in Finland, but a newly founded group Karhun kansan kultti, alledgedly based on ancient Finnish folk religion, is now registered as one. They did not get to have the registration at firs, because they had no holy scriptures either, as the ancient Finns before the crusades against them, that finally converted them in the 13th century left no written sources of their religious traditions. But the dudes at the Karhun kansan kultti were clever enough to claim that our national epic collected from traditional folk tales during the 19th century is actually their holy book. Now they have the legal right to perform marriages.

          Expecting the Biblical god to hit us with one natural disaster or a nother. When a natural disaster happens we are sure to know it came because we allowed same sex marriage, but not because we allowed for the Wiccans to perform marriages or female priests…


          • makagutu says:

            I think when the state get involved in deciding what’s a religion and what’s a cult, it is setting itself up for challenges it wouldn’t have imagined possible. I imagine if the state were to do that here, all traditional religion would immediately become a cult since they have no written holy writ.


      • rautakyy says:

        I read about the shaling. It is a shame. Shame that the rich needed to do that to fill in their thirst for more money. Shame that any political system would allow for it. Shame to all of us, that humanity would allow it and let it go unpunished.

        I fear, that there may yet be some uranium in our soil. It would be a disaster to our country. Sooner or later the oil will run out (unless we destroy the nature and society before that) and then the wars will be fought over uranium sources. We have a lot of peat bogs and our conservative politicians and the rich are already keen on destroying our peat bogs to extradicate the peat for burning by the pretense, that it is a renewable natural source of energy. It is renewable alright – in about few thousand years. I wonder if they expect to live that long… They are already bringing down our ancient forests and plant treefields of pulp pine for the paper industry in the place of the actual forests. It is a disgrace.

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  5. ah, the desperate need by theists to imagine that their actions control the universe.


  6. basenjibrian says:

    I actually clicked on your link. Ugh


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