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The week is ending or it could have ended if you are in New Zealand, like Barry 🙂 and so I think we need something light to usher us into the weekend.

Most of you, I know, have been wondering what demons are, whether they are similar to angels and how many of them can dance on a pin. This problem has been answered by one Mr. Meyer. Since I know some of my readers are lazy and I will not name names, of demons, Meyer writes

Demons, as angels, can take many forms in the physical plane. The most impressive forms which demons can take are ghost forms.

There is a Catholic girl who wants your help. In her own words

Now, every belief system knows best how to convince others that they are correct. Atheists (and Agnostics if you please), feel free to recommend any resources arguing against the existence of God. My search for resources may be weakened by personal bias (and a dislike of Christopher Hitchens.

I wish yours truly could help her. I will however suggest she reads the bible, properly. I think it was Isaac Asimov who said ”

Properly read, the Bible is the most potent force for atheism ever conceived”

and as such, no other book is needed. I could be wrong though.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

17 thoughts on “this post has no title

  1. A Catholic Girl says:

    Hey friend! Thanks for mentioning me. I am trying to get a more open-minded view of religion as a whole: we cannot believe anything truly until it has been tested. I’m starting with atheism of course. I definitely am planning on reading the bible. I, however, find arguing against Christianity does not equal arguing again God or religion. That’s counter-apologetics for Christianity, not atheism on its own.

    As for your comment about demons, I am curious. Do you actually believe in demons? If so, how do you tie that into your lack of a belief in a God? Do you believe in a spiritual plane but not the concrete God-like figure in most major religions?


    • makagutu says:

      Friend, i would think you are starting from the wrong tail of the problem given that atheism, simply defined, is a lack of belief in deities. Given you are a christian, the bible would be the place to start.

      You say arguing against christianity doesn’t equal an against god or religion. This on the surface seems to be true. To most people who are religious, their notions of god begin and end with the gods of their religious books. You do not for example believe in some abstract conception of god. So arguing against the bible god is to argue against a specific specie of god- god of revealed religions.

      I don’t believe in demons or ghosts or their other relatives

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    • Archon's Den says:

      I have a file with 23 pages of Biblical errors, contradictions and generally nasty shit, including human sacrifice, slavery, pedophile sex-trafficking, and the slaughter of pregnant women and babies, if you’re interested. 👿


  2. You have a good weekend to, my non-believing, evil friend. 🙂

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  3. renudepride says:

    And the same to you, my Kenyan brother! 🙂 Naked hugs!


  4. I think Isaac Asimov was one of the most brilliant minds in human history, and he wrote some of the best science fiction stories too.

    Do demons exist? Absolutely, yes… but only in our minds.

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  5. Eric Alagan says:

    That itself is a title, me thinks 🙂
    Time for some fruit juice – the fermented variety 🙂


  6. Luke Meyer says:

    Hey, I literally just saw this. I mean, I saw it once already; at least one time did I read this––it was on the night that you posted this marvelous gem of your own undernourished sense of humanism, skepticism, sardonicism, egotism, neediness, self-debasement, cynicism, and doubt. I saw it, then––but then I forgot about it before I could care enough to respond.

    3 things. 1: thanks for being influenced. 2: thanks for bringing traffic to my blog. 3: yes, if your friend wants my help with understanding anything regarding the nature of bonafide genuine astral demons, who most definitely do exist, I’m your expert in the nest, and I’m always here to help scratch an itch for any fellow birdie in this nest called Earth.

    Especially will I help any birdies who have become scared of God. It’s kind of my passion to help them. In fact, I’ve groomed many an atheist in my day; despite I wipe my anal mucus with science and I wash communion wafers down my throat with the blood of Christ that I cut with Holy water while watching the 700 club during the season of lent. Yes––I’ve groomed the backs of many nonbelievers in my now 3 years of life as believer at last. It is only my greatest winning theory in life that if I eat your skin bugs, you will eat my own; oh, what are we all but the disappointing children of altruism––destined to die both rich and pampered but sill virgins to the world at large’s respect that we never found. Speak for myself, you tell me––eh? Well, guess what, Judah––I’m the Lorax of your mama, and I speak for the B inside of the V when I say this, but she thinks you’re a terrible priest––and I got the traveling pants to prove it. (Mic drop.) Uh. (Rapper’s voice.) Thank you. (You applaud.) No, just kidding. (I applaud––because I do what signs tell me.)

    I understand the sensitivities of the modern atheist; I understand they are unable to find pride in existence, and that saddens me. Also, I am sympathetic to the super ironic fear of God that has you all reiterating unto ad nauseam about how he does not exist. I get it––I do; it’s like if you say it enough, it’s almost like it’s true, especially on Earth, right? See––I get it. I’m also very sympathetic to the state of your posthumous futures, in which you all will SUCK AT SCIENCE in everyone’s opinion; in my opinion, I predict I’m gonna forgive you for that flub you made here on Earth, once we all are in Heaven, and I will do this much for all of you. Don’t ever say Jonny Bravo was a narcissist who thought he could karate chop the Earth in half. All he ever wanted to do was to do the monkey with you. You told him no for years and years. Now he’s dead. He got hit by a car. Smushed and broken into pieces in one instant that ended it all. How do you feel now? Still don’t want to do the monkey with him because he believes in Noah’s Ark? (I did the monkey with him, but then again, I believe in God.)

    When all of us are dead and all the mysteries of Science that God has solved shall be found in the etheric libraries in the astral plane, I’m not gonna call you stupid for believing that reality was a fraction of its actual size, even though the Earth was loaded with all the correct information via every religion that you discounted; I will not call you stupid for failing to realize that demonicism, mankind’s most sacred enemy, not only exists, but its eternal leader, Satan, even lets his own worst offenders validate the present Astral war ongoing between demons and souls and angels to this day in Heaven, with daily victimizations of souls in multiple dimensions. No I will not call you stupid. Because I do not think you are. I think instead that you are naive. Something, of course, very different than stupid, considering both words are naked cousins, right? Right. Kewl. Knew you would agree.

    Sincerely: the guy in Heaven who said to you “I told you so” every time he saw you


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