God said go yea and marry

No. I have made that up.

It does seem most people, especially religious ones, seem so hang up on sex outside marriage. Now, in an age when there was no formal education, girls got married almost as soon as they had their menses. Since virginity was such a prized possession, it made sense to marry off the girls young. But now with formal education, both boys and girls get married at later dates but no solution has been found for raging hormones. To solve this problem, this blogger has a solution

I don’t think a Christian woman should move out of her fathers house until she marries, especially considering the absolute sexual immorality we live amongst.

Rebekah is not taking any of you to hell. Maybe just say hello to her.

Have you been aware that you could be suffering from birth anxiety? There is such a thing as birth anxiety.

I didn’t know fundamentalists have been around for a century now.

Maybe religion is here to stay.

Happy week everyone.

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As Onyango Makagutu I am Kenyan, as far as I am a man, I am a citizen of the world

16 thoughts on “God said go yea and marry

  1. judy says:

    Way way back, women were married off to the highest bidder nearest farmer so the two farms could join forces. They were cattle, in the eyes of the world, and a liability unless they were married to a ‘good’ farmer or shop owner, and could have babies. Women were basically considered a drain on the economy, not being allowed to work (for money). With few exceptions they had little say in the matter.

    And far better for the daughters to get pregnant within the bounds of marriage than without. And back even further than that, only the wealthy had actual ceremonies, in the countryside “jumping the broomstick” was a time honored way to marry.

    What IS this absolute sexual immorality we live in? Is there a map? Can we all have some? I’ve been around for about a zillion years, and have yet to see anything as bad as that sounds. Naked drunken college seniors singing under their girl friends’ windows, yeah, and some hearty scuffling in the back seat of cars in the days when backseats –well–never mind…


    • makagutu says:

      In a sense, in many places, this practice is still extant. So if it is not to the highest bidder, it is usually to one with highest potential for future earnings or comes from a good family- moneywise- and all.

      What IS this absolute sexual immorality we live in? Is there a map? Can we all have some?

      I wish i had an answer to this


  2. poor lil’ Christians. they just can’t control themselves. What idiots.


  3. I like that first post you linked. Someone wants to tell me that Christianity isn’t all that bad, I’m gonna point to it. I’m kind of surprised that blogger stopped at just keeping women locked up until they’re sold. Why not go full OT and demand women stop being treated as people?


  4. basenjibrian says:

    That God “Becca” worships seems to be an awful monster of an entity, no? Rebecca is too kind.


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